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Last update for (2)Conflagration : 2007, 04, 20 01:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2149 (2)Conflagration 128*128the Golden0.2beta

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

the Golden
This is my first map.
hmm seems like for zerg it might be hard to defend the nat from both paths, the nat itself doesn't even fully defend the main path entrance. Perhaps use a neutral or something to block off that backdoor path.

Why do you have doodads that look like geysers in the bases? -.- If I didn't say this I'm sure some idiot or someone with a bad monitor would scream about having 4 gas for main/nat -_-

Also without a neutral blocking the backdoor it might be too easy to proxy near that mineral only.

Those corner islands are really big -.-

Um looks pretty nice though, overall. Especially for a supposedly first map.
This is an aim conversation I had with tk. Sorry if it's hard to read at all, I had to add lines to it, it was all one paragraph when I pasted it at first =/

Mr Ty Ty K (10:57:13 PM): for one
Mr Ty Ty K (10:57:17 PM): the minerals i can say suck
Mr Ty Ty K (10:57:18 PM): lol
The64man (11:58:24 PM): eh they're ok
Mr Ty Ty K (10:57:31 PM): main is a high ground island
Mr Ty Ty K (10:57:33 PM): all around
The64man (11:58:34 PM): it's not an island
Mr Ty Ty K (10:57:43 PM): so shit will be stuck in the middle
Mr Ty Ty K (10:57:45 PM): if you vs t
The64man (11:58:49 PM): ?
Mr Ty Ty K (10:58:09 PM): buildings in your main will be limited to the center cuz if you vs T they fuck it all up
The64man (11:59:18 PM): you'd have to be pretty noob to let a terran destroy your buildings like that
Mr Ty Ty K (10:58:57 PM): most ppl are noobs
The64man (11:59:58 PM): lol
The64man (12:00:01 AM): so?
The64man (12:00:17 AM): you're being a hypocrite now
The64man (12:00:36 AM): you make shit pathing saying only noobs are hurt by it
The64man (12:00:47 AM): but say that oh noes noobs will lose their buildings
The64man (12:00:48 AM): now
The64man (12:00:49 AM): =/
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:00 PM): tis true
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:04 PM): that pathing
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:05 PM): in marja
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:07 PM): not me
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:15 PM): back door was all nasty
The64man (12:01:17 AM): lol
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:28 PM): i didn't want itThe64man (12:01:42 AM): what'd you do
The64man (12:01:43 AM): name it?
The64man (12:01:44 AM): -.-
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:51 PM): I said
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:54 PM): what we gunna name it
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:55 PM): he said
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:56 PM): idk
Mr Ty Ty K (11:00:59 PM): I said how about marja
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:00 PM): lol
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:00 PM): jk
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:02 PM): then he said ok
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:04 PM): marja it is
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:05 PM): I said
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:06 PM): :l
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:09 PM): gg its marja
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:16 PM): thats exactly how it got its name
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:30 PM): Conflagration is so fucking open
The64man (12:02:43 AM): erm idk
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:48 PM): that mineral only on the sides of middle
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:50 PM): ouch
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:54 PM): so fucking open
Mr Ty Ty K (11:01:58 PM): & the wall behind itMr Ty Ty K (11:01:59 PM): wow
Mr Ty Ty K (11:02:04 PM): take forever
Mr Ty Ty K (11:02:06 PM): to get back there
Mr Ty Ty K (11:02:09 PM): & stop units
The64man (12:03:13 AM): ?
Mr Ty Ty K (11:02:16 PM): & 3 way flank top bottom & side
Mr Ty Ty K (11:02:20 PM): destroy it ez
The64man (12:03:25 AM): well it's a high money expo
The64man (12:03:44 AM): and it's just past your base so shouldn't be hard to defend with your army
The64man (12:03:52 AM): it creates a key place for fighting
The64man (12:04:02 AM): and since it's so high money it's worth it to fight over
Mr Ty Ty K (11:03:05 PM): I"d say fuck that I'm going cars
The64man (12:04:08 AM): lol
The64man (12:04:17 AM): you'd lose on this map
The64man (12:04:20 AM): if you went carriers
Mr Ty Ty K (11:03:22 PM): you look for a expo that has high money in a game or more protected?The64man (12:04:22 AM): unless you got lucky
The64man (12:04:35 AM): well the only other one close would be the island
The64man (12:04:46 AM): and that would be hard to defend
The64man (12:04:51 AM): since it's so open
Mr Ty Ty K (11:03:57 PM): or mineral only thats way down in corners
The64man (12:05:02 AM): lol
The64man (12:05:03 AM): that's 6
The64man (12:05:06 AM): instead of
The64man (12:05:10 AM): 9
The64man (12:05:12 AM): 10
The64man (12:05:14 AM): lol wow
Mr Ty Ty K (11:04:19 PM): ?
The64man (12:05:23 AM): the mineral only on the sideThe64man (12:05:26 AM): has 10 blocks
Mr Ty Ty K (11:04:31 PM): 7 & 1
The64man (12:05:32 AM): wait
Mr Ty Ty K (11:04:38 PM): oh those
The64man (12:05:38 AM): no it's 9
Mr Ty Ty K (11:04:40 PM): 9The64man (12:05:42 AM): nvm -.-
Mr Ty Ty K (11:04:52 PM): I'm talking about the 7 & 1 expos
Mr Ty Ty K (11:04:58 PM): packed way in there
The64man (12:05:56 AM): they are 6
Mr Ty Ty K (11:05:07 PM): I'd rather take that
The64man (12:06:06 AM): much less money than the 9 one
Mr Ty Ty K (11:05:12 PM): over an open expo any day
The64man (12:07:29 AM): I'm gonna post our convo in a comment
The64man (12:07:31 AM): for him to see
Mr Ty Ty K (11:06:40 PM): k
The64man (12:07:41 AM): doesn't help him to talk about his map without him lol
Mr Ty Ty K (11:06:51 PM): aight
Mr Ty Ty K (11:07:00 PM): add this to it
Mr Ty Ty K (11:07:04 PM): I LOVE LINDSEY!!!
the Golden
lol "tk" = tktkvroom? I've seen your maps, I've seen your minerals. I have the last laugh there. As for mine, I copied the main formations from one of Night's maps, they looked nice in a rep. As for the others, well the only bad ones could be the island ones in the corner, which are fine, they are spread like that to form the correct angle, or the ones on the side expos. But those are supposed to be spread like that, helps zerg, who can place two hatcheries there and mine faster, I think they would have the hardest time defending that expo with it being so open, the other races can kill it faster.

Now that you mention it, I think I will make that expo have 10 blocks and make the backdoor have 5 blocks.

I will think about a neutral for the backdoor, I want to see other responses first.

edit: Arden I've seen you on the online list for a while, have nothing to say about the map?
modified by the Golden
lol "tk" = tktkvroom? I've seen your maps, I've seen your minerals. I have the last laugh there.

If you're new to the site, don't be cocky, especially to tktk, he's getting to be one of the best mappers here.
thats pushing it epidion. I still havent seen him push his creative side.
the Golden
before I make an edit, has anyone else have anything to say? Thanks Nightmarjoo and tk for helping. I wish someone else would, epidiOn would rather tell me to not be cocky and lnept would rather tell epidiOn tk is a noob -_-
OK, how about making a narrower choke in the nats and blocking it with a 2500 HP overmind? See GMCS.
yeah that sounds reasonable, idk if you want to use 2500 hp thing or something else but a neutral there to shrink that choke will make zvt easier early game. I would reccomend a neutral blocking the backdoor in addition.
if you want my help, remove all those pointless disruption webs, but i really doubt you will anyway so youll pretty much answer yourself why i didnt bother putting criticism
This map doesn't really need inverted ramps. Imo you should stick to the normal ones.
so this is the golden egg...sry map.well your th-crafting complete eminent your skills as mapper.

you are on the right path to become the next nightmarjoo.and hell,this site need more guys like him.oh,yeah
pretty good, but..

inept is right with those d-webs imo, some of them are completely useless. the idea is to have some at crucial points of the map. your 3-3 d-web at the back of the main is completely irrelevant. also in the center it could cause more problem than it could spice the micro up.

as of the lot central d-webs, adds much more micro possibility? i dont think so. players wont go under the web, why would they? it would be rather harder to keep the same quality of microing. in big battles you cant really avoid the negative effect pf the webs to some units and that really dont make sense to increase the effects of luck.

i dont want to look narrow-minded. i wanted to clear that d-webs not always make a map better. have them on low number and more important to have them on really crucial points where they could force aggression or force defensive attitude.

anyways the layout of the map seems pretty ok, perhaps the main mineral lines are too vulnerable to some tanks firin' from the corridor or to muta/gua. choke is really wide, i dont know if its possible to cover the whole thing with 3 hatch. also nightmarjoo is right about the backdoor, but i guess any zerg could live without that.
the Golden
Well the dwebs need tested. I would argue they are not useless, but that would do nothing. My dweb use was partially influenced by Nightmarjoo's discussion in the forum thread.

I will fix backdoor and nat choke. The dwebs in back were to limit tank fire, but I don't think that will be a real problem. There is plenty of room for turrets/bunk so muta is not an issue more than usual imo. Guards can't do anything they can't do in other maps, so are not a problem.

Grief, shut the fuck up noob. I'm not arguing with your dumbass like Nightmarjoo. He wastes his time on your stupid ass.

Spines I started this without inverts, but I didn't want the kind of problem which is evident in Nasty's new desert map at red's main; I am considering however killing that inverted ramp and redoing the main shape entirely to be even better, so that there is less awkwardness with units leaving their buildings and the main to the nat.

Thanks for comments, half of you were usefull.
hah I hope I'm one of the useful ones ;)
just noticed on, millenium army has a map there titled (4)conflagration...
@the golden well dude you sounds for me like nightmarjoo junior,or should i say he's second identity on this i come to this conclusion?
1.well boy,you acting very confident for a noob arround(you call spinesheath - spines;the only one who call him so is,so far i can tell,nightmarjoo) use the same dirty lingo as mr.nightmarjoo argue like him
4.this map has the same unmistakable nightmarjoo taste hate galaxy just as well as he do(whitout any reason)
6.and last but not least you voted for his map.this demands alot of courage for a noob arround

if i'm wrong about this and you are a different person know this:watch your language cause nobody talks to assholes again.if you have something meaningfull to say do it in a respectful way.
damn you convinced me, golden is my clone clearly!
Actually the only striking similarity in there I noticed was a strong dislike of you (your comment may have merited that) and "spines". spines is a perfectly good nickname for spinesheath as far as I'm concerned, I'm surprised everyone doesn't call him spines.
Also Scout voted my map, and thinks you're an idiot, I guess he is my clone too -.-

Well you use the same stupid logic and "lingo" as kingofeightplayermaps, I guess you're his clone. Actually the similarities there are significant... except your one map was better than every map he ever made combined =/
the Golden

I can change map name if necessary.
@nightmarjoo i never saw anyone,so long i am here,and i'm here for a while,that was able to change your attitude about are a one way cd-r,once you burn something on it spins the same crap again and argument is ever good enough for you no matter who argue against,or in what affair.

now i'm pretty sure that you use a second identity here called -the activate this user-name in seconds to prove that i'm wrong.i supose from a comp.-pool,or some ethernet-cafe.i see thru your weak far about stupid logic.your a bad entertainig one-man show

it's a shame what you become
aside from the dramaaaaa goin on here, i think your map at first looks too open, but with some of the dwebs it tightens things up. What's the purpose of the dweb over the exps on the sides of the middle? How does it affect having a hatch/cc/nexus there?

I also think Lancet's gmc is a pretty good idea to make the nat more defendable by stickin a neutral building there. i'd also agree with using a zerg sprite as well seeing as ashland is zerg 'territory'. Remember, zerg pretty much needs to sucessfully FE vs terran and toss.
modified by Alumni

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