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Last update for (2)Antioch : 2007, 05, 16 10:53
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2165 (2)Antioch 96*128NastyMarine0.2beta

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

comments gogogo
nice expansion layout, also nice structure. the only problem could occur against terran. in TvP it seems you cant deny the terran expos (thats just from the pic, though, may be okay). but in ZvT, the small backdoorpath could be used effectively by a terram mm rush force, when zerg sunks up his natural.
*Bump* :)
that's what I told him
*Ahem* *Bump #2* :/
This has mapdori styles to it, and that's never good. Why copy them nasty? Traitor!?
this map is pwnage
Looks quite solid and well playable.
There seems to be a trend to have a hole (unwalkable terrain, whatever...) in the middle of the map.
I don't like that in general though I use it myself sometimes.
And sadly (because it looks so cute) I share Flo's concern with the small ramp.
Btw Nasty, I can't display your mappics properly.
Scale? ;)
i made this middle specifically all ruins so slow push isnt so easy as the distance from nat to nat is small.

I'll put a minblock of 16(?) on the backdoor to the main. Maybe that will help?
do you mean the pic is too small or too big?
modified by NastyMarine
Pic's to big. I noticed that on lexington too.
Minblock won't help much imo. Let's say T gets 6rines 2bats 2medics and 2scvs to mine. That would make the minblock quite useless cause Z will only have lings at this time.
So I'd say leave it as it is and test some TvZ or remove it.
nah dont remove it. those backdoors often seem more deadly as they actually are. if zerg has some lings below, terran cant invade there because only 1 marine can be on that ramp, so moving down, they'll be all in a row. the first few marines will get slaughtered easily. i am more afraid of a tank/mm push from behind the natural, where the highground might be a problem.

my suggestion: flip the minonly, like i marked in gmcs with blue points. that way, all should be okay. use this expansion as mineral blockade.
modified by flothefreak
Pic is fine imo. It is too large for GMCS, but since the map is mirrored that is fine. For the normal mapview, your browser should be resizing it to to optimal size anyways (if it doesn't, get a different browser Oo)
I use FF and win98 :( .
Doesn't work with win98? Well, that's bad...
If you get a new OS someday, please not Vista, stay with XP ;)
for pic the y dimension for gmcs should be 768 not 1024, but it looks fine outside of gmcs.

Vista sucks so much... I'm not gonna go into it further than that =/ Also XP is the only windows OS I've ever been able to tolerate.
I think you should remove the mini-ramp. I realize that's what gives the map its flavor, but I don't know... I think Z seems sort of fucked with it like that.
modified by boongee
any race could take advantage of the mini ramp tho. its so lethal to any race except maybe pvt cuz of P's army is primarily goons. but even then, early game, p can use zlots/goons to assault both the main entrance and that entrance. This gives more a micro feeling to the map and allows more than just a macro game. or no?
As I said I like it too. Some testgames will show.

--DeA[Light] vs NastyMarine(1on1, 1.14p)
--NastyMarine vs flothefreak(1on1, 1.14)

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