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Last update for (4)Crystalis : 2007, 05, 12 01:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2210 (4)Crystalis 128*128JoelZerg0.1beta

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

What you want to know:
*Main minerals are 11 a 1000 minerals each
*Main geyser is 3300 gas
*The mineral blocks blocking the paths to the other mains/expansions are 320 mins each.
*Pahting is fucked (send an scv to another main and he'll get caught at those 320 minblocks)
*This is my first map
hey there

a map with a nice look and design, but you will encounter several problems when playing it:

-the building space is very weird in the mains. you will have a hard time setting up a good/efficient base there
-the pathing between vertical positions will be screwed, because units will be confused when trying to go through the mineral blockade - which thy cannot
-the horizontal position is SO short, you wont be able to defend to some rushes (ZvT FE is impossible...look on Disruptive Factor, it has a similar corridor, and the distance between nats there is the closest you should EVER do. DisFac is really at the limit of close naturals.
-you have little room on your map for real gameplay. this setup (one big path to the middle, expos along the way) wont lead to a dynamic, but to a static, straight one. this isnt necessarily bad, and no "problem", but could give you unwanted surprises in gameplay.
I know the mains and pathing are royally fucked, but I can place like a temple or summit to fix the short distance. As for gameplay, would it be better if I cut off the connection between the high platforms at the left and right and the mains and then made that platform bigger with wider ramps?
modified by JoelZerg
Gas issue, see our articles for more elaboration, but you should make all the main geysers left or right but not both because left mines faster. The mains are awkward as flo said. The map is pretty tight and impossible to flank on. Pathing could be better ;) I think tanks are strong on this map because of those space blobs, tanks can shoot across them but can't be shot at. I reccomend reducing the space blobs of N/S, leaving room in the middle below and above the plateau. Also, I think the paths for horiz pos should be blocked off with a neutral or something, it's pretty short now, and I don't killing a little more pathing will hurt too much ;)
The path from horiz mains thing with an expo in the middle reminds me of somethign I tried a while ago, in my map (4)marred maar, but I think it was only in an older version. I'm concerned that the N/S highground middle expos are too tight, would be hard to fight over, just easy to harass from behind and impossible to attack by the highground.

I'm not sure what you mean with your question about high platform thing.

For a first map this is pretty good.
o and your map doesn't work, I can't dl it, you did something wrong.

And there is a blizz map called (2)crystalis
modified by Nightmarjoo
first off fix the picture so we can see it after its done loading.
nice look and general concept. I would make the mains way smaller though. this is deffenitely one of the better first maps i've seen here.
i see no crysalis; all i see is a flower....

i would say pathing between main 2 main are funky; the scouter will get confused... lazy pple will complain like in naminar.... meh but i hotkey/control scouter so its ok for me....

also the pic+main building space is kinda queer, but i can live with that

also there is gas between 7 and 5 but not between 5 and 1 =(... so main2main fighting between NE:SE and SW:SE will be different.. hmm and gas issue
Actually the gas placed on the left side of the startlocs are one sq away from the base... Should reduce gas issue imo (or turn it the other way, who knows? :)

Look in the middle, it's a crystal alright (:

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