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Last update for (4)Shared Planet : 2008, 06, 16 11:57
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2232 (4)Shared Planet 128*128Nikashru0.3experimental

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Hi! I'm old new mapper, I just got back to bw by hearing that SC2 is announced. Wow i love the game.

I like über experimental things, imho normal maps are just too boring. This is my latest work, and I tried to give an adventage for every race:

This is what the races likes:


-there are neutral units (hero battlecruisers, Zeratuls and torrasques in 6 and 12 o'clock.


I think it's obvious.. -.- ... Zerg has creep almost everywhere


Addons in main (scanner in starting location, 3 machine shops, 2 starport addons and 1 sciece facility thing, don't remember it's name...)

As I said I just want to make some experimental stuff to have fun, cuz I play for fun :). The balance question is only for 2nd to me. Ofc I'll try to improve balance if you have suggestions!

Hope you like my map, I hope you'll see my products in some time :)

Comments plz.
lol wow, that's a lot of experimental stuff^^
Ok, I see a few places to look into: The northern mains' addons are completely unbothered by creep, but in the south terran would have to kill some creep colonies to use all their addons, positional imbalance. imo it's too hard for terran or protoss to expo; the creep too heavily favours zerg. Hell zerg can 9pool sunk rush and win everytime. imo terran cannot beat zerg if he doesn't either get lucky with a weird unscouted bo or if he doesn't FE. FE is pretty impossible with there not really being an adequete choke. The choke issue won't hurt zerg at all since they can throw up sunks easily. I think protoss might have trouble against terran, they can't FE at all, and terran will get tanks earlier than normal thanks to the addons. Another positional imbalance, the creep goes onto the island more in the north than the south. Later in the game zerg can make nyduses everywhere a cc hasn't been killed, now that will be very interesting, but a nightmare for protoss or terran. On the other hand, tvp later on will be a pain since the map is so open, and especially when protoss is shooting them with hero battle cruisers, I don't think their addons is good enough compensation for creep being everywhere, a huge nightmare for tvz, or those heroes protoss will get. Protoss can just make goons and try and prevent terran from expoing early game, I'd try a proxy 2gate strat against terran, then get dts quickly, if they can beat your dts then make dark archons and rush for the bcs. Terran then couldn't beat your goons because of the bc firepower, and gols are not adequete against most protoss units, assuming terran has his nat by then it will be very easy to destroy it with bcs, and everytime da energy got to 150 they'd get another bc for free, terran'd be in trouble. No way to effectively turtle at all making this a very micro oriented map, but tvp is mostly a macro-based mu, so it'll suck for terran.
I think the map is z>p>t. To help with balance, I suggest removing some creep colonies (also to help with the positional balance issues I mentioned above), forming a useable choke for the nat or mineral only, possibly redoing the nat layout a little, or just forming a smaller choke from that sticking out cliff to the ramp or however you want to do that. I suggest removing a lot of the hero units, dp/dt is very large -_- And assuming you don't understand my calculus joke there, as time goes on protoss will become very strong. I think with a little less creep and a useable choke for protoss zvp will be fine. With a useable (no need for a tiny one) choke and fewer heroes tvp will be fine. Expoing is just too easy for zerg here, if they choose to not end the game quickly.

I really do like the concept though, it will result in some very nice new concepts and gameplays, but it needs imo tweaked for better balance. I think this concept, though experimental now, can become perfectly balanced and playable after testing + editing. I'd be happy to test it with you, my aim is The64man, msn is, I'm not really on bnet at all now, so if you wanted to game either through aim/msn or setting a time/place here would be the best way to find me. z is my best btw, but I can play the other two races as well.
nightmarjoo noob, creep doesn't go over cliffs ingame, only in the scmdraft ;) (no pos imba)...

I've tested.

EDIT: Didn't mean to be rude by saying you noob, hope you understand small jokes :D
modified by Nikashru
I made those hero battlecruisers normal battlecruisers, and now there's only 3 torrasques, others are ultralisks... And nighmarjoo, remember those creep colonies are easily killable ;)
-_- ok. I know there are times when creep does expand onto cliffs and remain there, but perhaps that is only when zerg has a source of creep on highground and lowground, but after the highground source is gone the creep within range of the lowground one remains, but that wouldn't apply here. I was just looking at picture =/
Yeah creep colonies are easy to kill but they take time for the creep to go away. I still think the bcs are too strong even as non heroes, but I spose testing will try that theory. Can protoss shuttles lift off those ultras or do you need to mine out the mineral first?
small jokes ftw. :)
Bare in mind when I make large comments like that I just say something about everything I see, and that I haven't looked at the map except in the picture, so of course I could be wrong, not having looked at it in game.
they can lift it... 2 at the time..

oh and nightmarjoo, I added you to MSN... What time can u play?

I can play:

a)Sunday-Thursday 15CET to 20CET
b)Friday-Saturday 13CET to 24CET
modified by Nikashru
ok wasn't sure if ultras could enter protoss shuttles.
monday-thursday, atleast until school ends I can play after 22 CET, on saturday-sunday like anytime if I'm awake ;)

I could play right now if you wanted.

I live in EST timezone =/
modified by Nightmarjoo
that 1st rep is kinda funny.. (added 3)
lol none of them are great reps, I haven't been active at all recently and sucked hard in all of them :(

But I like the map, it's definitely an agressive micro-oriented map, nothing is boring macroish about it, which is good :)

btw set players to user-select^^
i usually don't comment here, but i really like this map. IMO some creep colonies should be removed, specially the ones near the choke.

love the idea of having ultras late game vs zerg! haha

but yes, as mentioned above, the map right now seems a lot z>p>t (so do the replays).
Bare in mind my terran is retarded before judging the map based on replays^^
lol, if cannon rush is retarded, i guess tank rush with mines research in his base is genius :P

still, the toss switching mid game to carrier (if possible) usually gives him an edge in the game versus terran. Here he can do something similar with a lot less investment. One thing is
2 stargates+fleet beacon+carriers in min+gas + carrir build time
vs getting darks and then having them charge energy as dark archons with a templar archives you'll probably be getting anyway. I guess that free add-ons are note enough to make it up to this. Maybe making the middle less open would make things better, dunno. I'm not any good playing either.

Also, i think it would be good some neutral buildings in the expos, delaying zerg expos. He can already build defenses there anyway.
modified by PePe_QuiCoSE
That was completely inappropriate IAMAHIPO_ocolor. Please refrain from being a jackass.
modified by PsychoTemplar
what was this guy thinking? :P
modified by NastyMarine
The author? It's radix.
what was he thinking? :D
lol shut up it's great map

--Aleksi] vs Nightmarjoo[BA](1on1, 1.15)
--Aleksi] vs Nightmarjoo[BA](1on1, 1.15)
--Aleksi] vs Nightmarjoo[BA](1on1, 1.15)

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