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Last update for (4)Tribulations : 2007, 06, 04 00:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2238 (4)Tribulations 128*128Dark_Scythe0000.5beta

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 24 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

shouldn't red and teal minonly be on the other side?
thet hurt units movement.
decent map. LT layout so there isnt much to say :P Good execution
My first attempt at a moderately balanced map. I tried to check and make sure there weren't holes where one could drop siege tanks although I might've missed some. Also checked distances between to keep siege from spanning across rivers and ridges. I couldn't decide the number of minerals per place. Is 9-main, 8-main expo, 7-island expo, 6-inner expo a good way to go? Anyway there it is, any advice is appreciated.

Edit: Updated with mins switched.
modified by dark_scythe000
testbug is right ^^
So wait, where should they be moved, over to the right or the left?
they should be placed along side the mains.
Oh the third expansions right? k I'll move em to the other side next to the high ground.
so it can be protected from the high ground inside the main with tanks or something
terran is quite strong here imo, for T can put tanks all along his way to the natural
yes. like in lost temple 9 o'clock where units have to walk all the way while siege tanks on the high grount are hitting you.

but teal and red minonly can't be protected from the highground. blue and purple do can.
there is a unwalkable you should check
gas issue; if you're cloning lt at least try and correct the balance issues of lt first =/
Sorry guys, as a noob towards map making i have no idea what the gas problem is, however i will look into decreasing the ability of terran to siege on the way to the base. I'm thinking of directing the paths from the expo a little more away from the main, perhaps puts some water in and extend the cliff filler.
Updated melee and pic, obs is old, as far as umwalkable terrain I'm more concerned about generic pathways and such. I placed crevices in the bridges to the bases but in retrospect would that place a bias towards zerg with lots of lurks right? I also did more checking with the minonly on each base and they have equal distances from the main for each one. Siege on the main can't reach the pathway as far as I could test. And I know its just an LT copy but not nearly skilled enough to try anything ambitious so please some advice :)

Edit: Fixed the gas issue and added some more frilly stuff.
modified by dark_scythe000
imo looks better, I suggest removing a lot of that water outside the nat and adding more cracks, you can keep some of the water that's closest to the nat because it serves to help defend the nat, but after that it just needlessly tightens the path. Also it's a good idea to make purple's nat cliff and blue's like teal and red's, or the other way around, positional balance is important. Perhaps use inverted ramps to allow better correction of the symmetry. I spose testing would help, but I think some of the basillica makes parts of the middle a little too tight, perhaps experiment with the placement to try and maintain a good balance of tight/open in the map. Or play it and tell me it's fine after trying it :)
Map update: I tried to open up the center and widen the paths. I also added min guards on the island expos to prevent landing for T. The cliff wall next to all nats should be more or less equal or that's how it seems to me. Aesthetically updated the center as well with a new spiral flagstone shape. My only gripe with this map is the different areas around each sides minonly. Purp and blue till have a smaller area than red and teal.

Edit: Updated observer map.
modified by dark_scythe000
red and teal minonly can be tanked.

workers mining at purple and blue minonly fuck the vertical movement, this doesn't happens on horizontal movement becausethe high/low ground thing at red and teal makes the units move arround the minonly.

but the shortest route from purple to red is walking where you have placed the minonly.

and terran can't be flanked in those chokes, looks like Luna minonly paths, i would remove the water

--Zythe; Clancey vs Puopg; Syphilis(2on2, 1.15)
--Zythe; Clancey vs Puopg; Syphilis(2on2, 1.15)

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