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Last update for (2)Ashes2Ashes : 2008, 01, 22 16:46
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2245 (2)Ashes2Ashes 128*128flothefreak0.5beta

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 25 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

a mapsketch and concept i had in mind for a long time. actually two, as the mainbase setup meets the swarm-on-mins-thing. i dont really now hwo balance will look like, but there are some things obvious:

-lurkers rock hard on this map
-defensive buildings are either very strong or suck
-although the map has a VERY terranfriendly layout, all those dark swarms give terran a harder time one would think. tvt will be heavily relied on tanks.
-reavers kick ass
-there are lots of tactics you can apply on this map. i only played it twice (not the same version, tweaked and corrected it a bit) but it was so weird and fun...cant tell this in words.
by the way, i think that a swarm on minerals might be a little revolution in mapmaking, like being an option to balance/tweak/improve a map here and there.
Well, it's nice to see some really experimental action from you flo^^ It looks pretty nice, but I have to say that I doubt terran will really ever be able to exploit any advantages on the map. I think that they should have atleast a couple expos they can safely use. Of course I could be wrong; looks like a very zerg map though, lots of free gas, and very easy to hide an expo. But terran's best killer under swarm, mines, would be stupid to use, because he would in the process of wounding or killing the dropped units, kill his miners =/ Definitely needs testing, but looks z>p>t imo.
I'd love to test this with you, time and a place :)
an airmap with Z>P>T would be awesome actually :D
my guess was P>Z>T actually, because muta harass and hydsdrop cant damage the economy instantly.
hmm that's true, but zerg can still expo pretty fast, and cannons can't defend the bases from lings only storm could, and you only have so much energy lol.
yes, lurk drop, reaver drop

wait, lurk drop UNDER DARKSWARM
PvT REAVER drop while terran vultures, tanks, marines doesn't work under dark swarm.

and i can't watch the replays, maybe a sprite you placed in the map. but replays cam't be watcher (or at least.. not in my computer T_T)
modified by Testbug
eeeeeeeeeh id ont knpow what you mean by thats. whtzas zhpup withh the replayss?

gratz flo.

persona remembers too much ungoro...
modified by ProTosS4EveR
defending muta TvZ as u all know need many turrets or marines, but marines often die slow 1 by 1 and overstim the medic so medic no engery. anyway, this got 3 gasses very fast and very few minerals in main. this will be ZvT...

imagine a terran mineral jump over with first scv and mine with 3, then he goes around and make a battack at the other side and make marines ^^ should be very many cool and new strategies so i still like this map. altho i think u should remove 1 gas inside ur main expoes (7M1G 6M1G 6M)

--flothefreak vs therock(1on1, 1.14)
--flothefreak vs bollpop(1on1, 1.14)

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