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Last update for (4)Thor : 2007, 06, 07 23:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2246 (4)Thor 128*128RaDiX0.3beta

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

Hi i'm back.

I have been making this map for few weeks now, and i think it's not so bad :)... Hope you like it, feedback plz
oh and btw i'm nikashru 8D
Is this lowground dirt in the mains?? This will hurt the balance.Otherwise kinda normal layout, but i like it.

WB RaDiX (Nikashru)
It is lowground... Why will it hurt balance? Every main has lowground, so its equal to everyone...
Units can hit the enemy better when they are on highground and the enemys on lowground. If you mix the terrain, then it's messed up. It is very important where you place your buildings, cuz you can hit them better. Thats what i meant.
yeah, it's not imbalance, it's a "challenge". (The whole highground aint lowground)
I like a lot personnally. Added some gmcs ;)
"The whole highground aint lowground"

Because someone had to state the obvious.
well since it's in the mains idk if it will ever matter, but since some mains have more/less than the others, it could be a positional imbalance =/ Consider pvp, one player goes 2gate zlots the other went 1gate tech, or 2gate tech with slow gas idk w/e; you have 1 player with a bunch of zlots, and the other with some zlots, and then eventually a goon or two, at some points in defending himself the goon gets bonues tohit, other times he gets minuses tohit; in some mains it might be easier for an attacking goon, in others it might favour a defending goon, I know this is stuff that might not ever matter, but do consider it =/
The first thing I noticed was how gay the main2nat layout is. wtf is this shit, teal/blue have the longest fucking path from main2nat I've ever seen, purple has one of the shortest, and red is somewhere in between. Purple's nat is by far the most open and easiest to attack, teal/blue have turtlrific nats, and red is the bastard in between them all =/ Please make some symetry here... After you've decided on what main2nat setup you want, I'd check out the cliff past the nat, I think it might make the nat turtly in that it tightens the path too much.
I don't really like the N/S expos, they look like you had some space so you just threw an expo there randomly.
E/W symetry please. And check your distances, there is positional imbalance there.
tvp horiz pos seems kinda awkward. If you choose to keep N/S expos, I suggest moving it a lot closer to the middle, between the ramps or something.
This seems more Nikashru style than RaDiX style -.-
hello radix, i finished writing my constructive critics but i recived this message:

"You forgot to check the box.
you are not allowed to post with this name!"

1)what i was saying was that mutalisk will be very hard to kill in this map, because main workers will not have vision arround and mutas can hit+run and hide easy (change route) marines/photon cannons wil have the terrain bonus, and mutas will be very hard to control.

this doesn't happens in the teal main base, bevase mineral fields are on the high grass. high grass shines a lot in my computer, and low grass looks pale.

purple has a lot of low ground so it will be like a normal base, but blue's vision will be shit.

2)Purple is too near to the natural expo, while teal and blue aret too far.
why isn't the purple like the redone?
maybe you can use some inverted ramps so all 4 distances from main to nat are the same.

3)purple nat workers fucks the movement from purple main to teal, a lot (that happens from red to blue but not that much) what about using an inverted ramp (... yes, again) so the mineral lines are placed better?

4)9 and 3 high/low unwalkable terrain is imba:
teal ramp can be tanked from the high ground! blue ramp can be tanked from the low ground so it will need a dropship or something to get the vision.

at some north of 9 and 3 the multy can be tanked from the high ground, this gives purple and red some control over the 9 and 3 multies, and purple and blue choke.

5)while the rush routes are wide enough, no1 will use the center area.

6)i can see the transitions from high to low grass, and i found some bugs in your copy/paste.
purple is ok, red has a line near the ramp that makes your copy/paste obviuously.

teal has A LOT of bad copy paste swuares, just corret'em with the rectangular brush.
and blue has some at west of the mineral fields.


8) explorer worker can run arround purple and red mineral fields, it will be east to scape from marines/ragoons.
it will be hard to explore tel and blue.

and don't remember what else.
but i'm happy you returned.
welcome back.
Nightmarjoo wants it all symmetrical -.- ... I agree
with you with the expos in 3 and 9, other than that, not a big positional imbalance, if at all...
Whoa great! Please show the areas that are transitioned into low ground please.
how can i add a picture in the comments?
make a picture, upload it to photobucket or something, then < img src = " link " > with no spaces =/
oh thank you! now i will spam like this in all my comments:
Comsat Station can't be builded in this minonly

blue guys have the shortest bision, the other 3 are more protected against mutalisks, but un blue main, marines, turrets and photon cannon will be affected by the terrain bonnus.

the teal and blue choke can be tanked, and they won't be able to get out of its base.


I try to represent movement with this red lines (sorry, i'm too bad using mspaint)
purple and red will have some trubles playing vertical positions.

9 and 3 multies can be tanked by purple and read easy. that is some imba since purple and red can tank blue and tesl choke point.

and this are the bad copy/paste thing i was talking about:


modified by Testbug
im impressed testbug.
testbug very indepth, you should comment like that on every map :D it's like gmcs+ :D
spam, spam, spam, spam!!!!!!! :D
oh and you can see my two 1024x1024 grids.
one starst at (0,0) and the other starts at (-512,-512) with 2 diferent colours ^^
modified by Testbug
Thx for comments testbug... You know, ppl would like you more if your comments wouldn't always be 100% negative :S
no, i love him for this comment. this comment is a 100 times more worth (correct engl.?) than 100 ppl saying "i like this map". i'd love to have such comments on my map.

dont listen to radix, testbug, go ahead with best comments ever - tests, screens, criticism, arguments!
yes, but that comment makes me sad. He has not a single positive word in it, like: "Overall it's not so bad map" or something like that. It's important to encourage the mapper imho. But ofc that comment is awesome, but would it be so bad to say a nice word or two?
I will do a huge edit to this map some day.. Thx testbug ^^
flo I think it just sounds awkward because usually we would say "worth more" and you reversed that word order, but it still is correct english :)

RaDiX it's a fairly standard map, so of course to a certain extent it's fine, I think that if no one says anything that it usually points to the map being decent but that it doesn't blow away their mind. I just pointed my main issues with the main, mostly positional imbalances, but the map would be fine to play now probably, although fixing those would make it better and more playable.

I always get yelled at for posting negative comments (cuz everyone else says positive things, lnept is grounded, so someone has to point out the negatives), so if testbug wants to help me tell everyone the issues in their maps then that's great ;)
Always need positive and negative feedback. I hate it when I post my new maps, someone will point out a small issue or two, several people will say the map looks fine, then the comments end and I can assume people don't particularly like the map, or aren't for w/e reason pointing out the issues in the map. I've found from talking to people through aim/msn people have a lot of issues with maps they don't for whatever reason mention in the threads. I've been lazy about it lately, but I used to try when I commented maps to say absolutely everything I thought about the map, the pluses, the negatives, my suggestions: everything. Getting both sides of it are always nice, but I think the negatives/suggestions are far more important than "great map!" or "looks beautiful!" etc. I don't care if someone likes my map (to a certain extent, positive feedback can make one feel nice), I want to know what's wrong with the map so I can make it better. I hate positive feedback, atleast at the very first a map is uploaded, because the person either didn't look closely or doesn't care about the balance/issues in the map, I'd rather someone told me the map looks nice after I've addressed every single issue and made the map perfect to its concept.

RaDiX don't get discouraged by negative feedback, it's the negative feedback that makes you a better mapper.

--mJ.RaDiX vs whaatt(1on1, 1.15)
--mJ.RaDiX vs whaatt(1on1, 1.15)

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