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Last update for (2)Space War0.90 : 2007, 11, 26 11:06
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2269 (2)Space War0.90 128*128ByulRo0.1beta

The map has been rated 40 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Are the minerals in the main tankable from the lower middle area?
I cant download or see the pic.
Looks like (2)快林傈里(Space War)0. to me.
This map was made for design and not balance. Clearly, P cannot win vs. T here.
I hate you people with installed korean fonts. I can't see the pic nor can I dl the map.
Nureru//ok, but middle area is so narrow.
and not build turret, so defense is very easy
nightmarjoo: i dont have korean font, but i can see pic and DL. i see: " (2)快林傈里(Space War)0.", though.

the tankable main minerals are a problem, though. take ZvT into account, where tanks are protected by marines against air.
Thx your opinion.
Modify soon
Can someone who can see the map post a pic in a comment? I'd like to see the map.
Thanks flo :)

hmm I'd have to disagree with you Nasty (like that's uncommon^^), the only terran favouring aspect of the map is that the mains are cliffable from the lowground, which combined with a lack of building space in the mains could certainly hurt protoss, but his nat is plenty big to use for building room, and aside from that the rest of the map seems p>t to me, lots of alternate paths, no way to effectively turtle; protoss can end the thread of tanks from the lowground by getting a shuttle or two, which protoss does anyway.

gas issue, I think you could make both on the left.

As for zvt, zerg has many places he can hude an expo at, already helping him. If terran wants to tank his main formation, and guard it with mnm, 1. this would be no different than say zvt luna where terran sieges up in front of your nat, except that in this case zerg can leave his base still, and he can still have a muta party in terran's main/nat. Terran can't easily defend everything because of the alternate paths, if t takes his army to around zerg's main, z can just go around with abunch of lings/lurks/muta whatever and hit his main from another path or flank the shit out of his nat. If anything the map disfavours terran by making his mus more micro-intensive than ever and less macro oriented.

Zerg's mobility makes him strong here, as does protoss' vs terran. The only possible imbalance I can see is zvp, where zerg's mobility will really help him a lot later on, but still early on he might have trouble defending everything from a mob of zlots or so. It's just a micro-intensive map period. I can see a 2gate proxy being strong everygame.

I don't think there is an inherant imbalance here, not having played it yet. I think testing is important here.
flo want to upload map to rapidshare or something for me too?^^

how about obs version byulro :)
upload soon :D
Woohoo I can see the pic and dl the map :D
I don't notice any changes, is this an edit?
lol theres a way P can win guys... **sends 4rth probe n proxies 4 gate at the T** :D lol

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