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Last update for (2)Coastal Battery 1.3 : 2009, 06, 18 00:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2283 (2)Coastal Battery 1.3 128*128ProTosS4EveR1.8final

The map has been rated 82 times and got a total of 145 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hiho all, it is my newest map, kinda experimental because the psi disruptors at main's entrance are unsual. There are invinsible! But I gave those psi disruptors 10.000hp and put 22% hp. Then, these building are destroyed in 220 seconds. This new kind of wall needs testings.

The two gas nodes on the island have 3.000 gas inside.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
U made those neutral buildings as units ---> they dont work (Only sprites, unit sprites works). And u can't make the buildings wounded or invisible (yees, I have tested...)

But the map.. It looks sexy.. U will get women with these maps 8D
Lol...I need to get a life. Protoss4Life can I borrow your map? (jkjk)
modified by Deathman101
Trust me, it works. When I got the idea i have tested it and the building said to me "Boom" :D
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Your Korean?
No, but I want to go there to own Boxer and Nal_rA. :P
Do what you want with this map deathman.
Protoss, also in melee? Units can't work in melee (OR CAN THEY?!?! W-T-F!!!)
execution is awesome, basic concept is neat.
but the expo layout on the coastside on the right isnt done well. also, i dont like this dbl-expo island between bases. balance seems questionable as well...
Lol protoss it was a joke, i dont care about the map...the only thing that I eamnt was I need to get a life.
Aah, sry radix I did not understand. It does not work in melee, it is a reflex to make a melee version, I remove it right now.
I am not very good in race balance, so if somebody can give me some advice, it will be cool.

edit: Ahem, it seems impossible to remove a version xD
modified by ProTosS4EveR
I absolutely love the idea and followthrough.
The psi disruptor's destruction is not a trigger.
Buildings as sprites can be destroyed or units can pass throught like doodad sprites?
I really like this map; idk exactly what's up with the psi disruptor at the exit, but I think the map is better without it. Besides that stupid psi thing, I don't see anything wrong with the map at all. Please remove that thing^^
7 mineral only?
isn't the low ruins too tight? (and decoration wasn't good) what about some more ruins at 3 or all the east high ground?

terran will abuse the python wall+ramp you have behind the naturals.
and only 4 mineral in the natural?
the guy who takes the double gass will win, the other1 will only have an empty gass in main and the natural.
NE and SE are too far.
It doesn't look like the right-hand side of the map will get used at all. I don't know for sure, though, because I haven't played it.
I LOVE the way you used the terrain in this map and also your main setup, JUST LOVE IT!

Makes me make a map with such main location setup.
yeah the structure concept is brilliant, i totally agree with LGI. just rocking.
Cool map, cool landscape!
testbug, there are two nats, and the mineral amount of both nats and main is really good. There are 19 minerals and I saw in other maps that there are usually less.

And about the low ruins, in the tightest place are ramps to do an easy flanking and then you can attack from behind too.

I will get NE and SE neutrals farer from terrain limit.

The double gases on the island get 3.000 gas each, I can decrease the gas amount.
-- UPDATE --

- Less gas in the island nodes.
- Moved the SE and Ne neutrals.

Don't download melee version, I did not make an update for this version because building don't appear on melee.
It's better without the buildings though ><
When I got the invinsible buildings, the map was 50% finished. It is maybe not the best place for these buildings.
I may remove them
great layout and execution.. i'll comment more later
Picture reminds me a sunrise. :-°
i dayd 7 mineral only!!!!!!!!
you have 7 mineral onlies in a 2 players map!

and only 2 exp with gass for each player (one og the geysers is your natural! so there is only the cornet gass for each player) but still 7 mineral only!

and your copy/paste behind the southern temple walls cuts the temple walls.

wouldn't you mix the ruins+jungle to make a center like gaia or longinus? it was some boring :(
and i think you need more ruins in the high ground from 1 to 5, my friend builded stargates and i could't find'em.

never leave that amout of buildable terran :S

the island has too many minerals! 2 gass is enought. 10 minerals is too much cash for a double gass exp.

i would reduce mineral fields at the corners to 4 so that expo will give gass but not mineral, and that's why you have all those 8fields minonlyes ¬¬

and it wass too opened at the 2 and 4 minonlyes, i would add a temple like the 3 one.

cannon rush is possible in this expos.
and 10 o'clock can be tanked and my units couldn't get it.

units wan walk all around the backdoor at 8 o'clock :(
I don't think the buildable land is too much, I think it's fine. Low gas doesn't hurt the map since it's fairly linear. Also it makes the island so much more important and worth fighting over.
only not all races have the same possibility of fighting for it... in PvT, you'll hardly be able to hold it, because terran just has the stronger drop forces. and they need only a few seconds to install very effective antiair which renders the island unattackable without either d-web, carriers, or hallu-shuttles.
"the psi disruptors at main's entrance are unsual. There are invinsible! But I gave those psi disruptors 10.000hp and put 22% hp. Then, these building are destroyed in 220 seconds."

They don't show in the map, please fix. I have tried to do this but was never able to. How did you do it? Can you give a step by step description?

This map needs some serious work. Sometimes the neutral is ling tight, other times hydra can fit through. Sometimes things can leave the neutral but not come back in, other times they can come in but can't leave. The neutrals are invincible, you cannot target them. Because of the weird neutral thing, you get 1gas, and then a free mineral only. But the mineral onlys are cliffable lol. You can tank the hatchery itself from the lowground -.-

I think that's all the issues involved... lol
-- UPDATE --

- First, the min only nat is now lowground and it is not tankable from somewere (I think).
- Lowground is wider and added some unwalkable doodads on ruins. I made ruins belt like in Sin 815 to make them nicer (IMO).
- Island moved closer to map limit and have now one gas node which has 6.000 gas. Tank push throught island is impossible with too much temple between nat and island.
- Added a temple on highground near expos to make them tighter.

@Lancet: The map has to be played in use map settings. The psi disruptor is a unit not a sprite, and to make this building destroying itself, you have to put a hp% which let the building's hp decreasement. I noticed that you can repair that building and I set to psi disruptor's building time to 9999 to don't let terran repair it and be in a isle (or I should let it repairable with default time). By the way, I set mineral cost of this building to 0 (If the building will be repairable, I will set to default cost).
I think that's all. :)
modified by ProTosS4EveR
no UMS stuff plz :<
Mmh, I see. That mean I have to update all my maps where are buildings, I always used units to make buildings, I did not know that sprites have to be in the map... :/
The concept is dead... I remove buildings right now or maybe I should put a standart building at main entrance, what do you think about that?
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Removed psi disruptos at entrance.
imo the nat is too low money, it hurts terran a lot I think, especially with the middle being very open and unbuildable. Zerg will be strong here too I'm sure. idk how you were able to enlarge the middle so much, but I think it was better beforehand. But I think the removal of the neutral is a plus, and the new backdoor expo style also is good :)
i have a cool idea, a templewall that would divide the whole lowground center of the map into two long corridors. that way, if you want an open fight, you'd need to go farther out to the right highground part which is more open.
terranVp or protossVz could use the shorter and tighter route, but not without the danger of the whole enemy's army running through next to them and backstab their main.

i will use blue dots in gmcs to show you where this wall should be imo. just connect them in your mind.
added gmcs
I finnaly made the update!!! :D

- Moved the 6 mineral only expo from highground to lowground in front of main's temple wall.
- Moved the center min only expo on the other side of the highground temple.
- I also moved a bit the highground temple to the left.
- Moved 2 mineral fields from min only nat to the gas nat.
- Switched the map from experimental to beta because there is now anything experimental.


modified by ProTosS4EveR
I like the changes, but i think the min formation at the min onlys is not that good. Maybe you can change it a lil bit. Ohh and btw, i don't like that picture ^^.
Changed the min only nat's minerals formation.
oh really?

you remember the changes i did in your map "Black Hawk"??? mineral fields on the yellow nat expo (gass) are in the bottom, NEVER use that part of the map! because of the starcraft keyboard where you move/attack/patrol/stand up/sit down/build/say hi/hold position/stop/etc.

can't you make the center ruins better?
look at gaia, longinus, etc.
Ah, forgotten it i will do it tomorrow. :o
This map is pretty godly. O.o
10 if you didnt put any thing else. As a map, I think it is the most original, Creative, and most eye ctahing map i have ever seen. I LOVE how its like a beach, but the coast looks like.. a coast. It has a certain feeling to it. Great job. But IMHO, the psi dstupter/ buildings/ other stuff should go. If deleted, I would love this map SOOOOO much.
Also, delete the clifts jutting out from the right side costal area. Just have it water.
and make the right side high ground area a teensy less acsessable by ramps.
There is no psi disruptors for a long time ago. O,o
I will also change the middle ruins because Testbug has right, the ruins can be really better done.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
-- UPDATE --

- Are the ruins better now? :P
- Maybe remove the the temples on the ruins?
- Moved gas nat one square vertically.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
pic looks awesome, gameplay not.
have you even considered my suggestion?
Hah, I forgotten it. :S
I try it right now.
Added the temple wall in the middle.
IMO island on 3 is 'free expo' for P in PvT. Only BC's can handle mass cannons. I think you should delete some trees to make drop spots for Tanks/Lurks/Goons or make it LT style (High Raised Jungle). And maybe make two shorter temple walls instead one long.

What do you think?
eh.. Roflol at temple wall 8D... I think he meant the temple wall terrain -.-
I'm talking about that shitload of Protoss Temples on the ruins-_-;;.
NOT A PROTOSS TEMPLE, WALL, there is a temple terrain, temple wall doodads, that temple wall.

your center is very very good i love it, but it's fucking simetrical :S
can't you make norther difeent than southern??
and remove those sprites :S

you can make the smallet temple wall you can find (the one you place some temple and then you place some jungle and it becomes smaller) and copy/paste it in an exactl place of jungle.

because if you will make Lost Temple's Temple walls it will be too tight.

LOOK THE ONES ARROUND 2 AND 4 o'clock, THERE ARE SMALL PIECES OF TEMPLE WALL, make some room for it and copy/paste it ;)

and you should read Preze83's suggestions, why can't i drop a lurker, only ONE lurker in your backdoor?
ZOMG, at the beggining i already thought about the protoss temple wall, so confused. The Protoss Temple wall is ugly, I will update the map today. :(
I finally done the update, i don't have the time to write what a updated i will do it tomorrow.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
-- UPDATE --

- Main's entrance is moved some squares vertically and the gas nat entrance is a little bit smaller.
- Added A REAL TEMPLE WALL with some destructible Protoss Temples.
- Made 2h and 5h expo entrances smaller.
- Also made for 3h.
- Added a lot of ruins on the highground.

Does the picture kill your eyes? If it does i will change it. x)
modified by ProTosS4EveR
wowowo the high groun is godly! (but i don't recommend to use the same doodad again and again that near, you have the wańkable face right? you get the same result placing only 1 of it)

the low ground:
omg not a complete wall from 12 to 6! :s
just some walls (doesn't mean a walll like the great chinese one) some "temple walls" means the terrain! the temple thing you can find in Lost Temple.

but Lost Temple walls are too large, your map is tigher, so i told you not to use lost temple's.

the upper temple wall you used (the small piece of themple at top and the bottom) that would be fine.

and some more temple walls (small parts of temple walls) in apropiate places.
protoss temple not really nedded, i would remove'em all
The Great Chinese Wall pwn you. :P
I have finally done the temple wall with small pieces.
I think Testbug meant, you should place some temple walls like in the highground. Only some pieces with holes in it. I like the map mor without the wall :)
and nat is mo, but tankable, making it a very... underused expo.
I never said and thought that there is a beach, it's a cliff...
not a wall from 6 to 12!
not the whole wall, i says mall pieces of temple walls to make some obstacles.

it starst too near the choke, the monoly thing is bad like that.
open the middle, and place only few temple walls (smal ones)

i told you lost temple walls ere too big for this small map, bus some smaller walls will be ok.
the high ground is awesome.

oh, and sis you check (2)Elysium Fields?
Why did you not tell a full temple wall, just a Lost Temple wall...
I did not check Elysium for the moment.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
The lowground middle is way too tight, put holes in that wall for flanking and movement etc.

Actually adding a beach might not be a bad idea, it would allow more harass and make the map less microish.
-- UPDATE --

- Did the temple wall with a lot of holes.
can you use these little temple structures to prevent large units from passing? that would be a cool feature.
It is possible, i will try it. ^^
the 1st small temple piece and the last one are ok. the small piece in the middle is allright but maybe it can be removed if you make the 2nd and 7th some larger.

maybe connect the 2 with 3 and the 6 with 7 as ptar sayd. but if you connect'em it will be too large.

you will have to place a larger piece, but small enought for movement.
I think Testbug gonna hate this wall, so there are small holes in the wall where only small units like zealots, hydras, marines... can pass through them.
Great idea, now trying to kill Carrier via Gols will be pain in the ass.
by the time your opponent has carriers, your inbase expo should be mined anyway...
nice after all changes :)
but might be VERY hard in ZvT because the t gets 4 expos easy (main, nat, minonly in the back, corner expo) and the z wont get more than 3 gas...
imba map :P
maybe move minonlies to the spot marked with cash $ in GMCS and add gas then. this should help ZvT and PvZ both.
still, z wont win with 3 gas :P
protoss4ever, you know i won't rest till u delete clifts jutting out into the water and make a teensy bit of water right middle, so it looks like a proper beach!
yes, zerg won't have enought gass to terran's 4 or 5 expos.

and don't use that small temple wall ONLY ¬¬
i recomended you to use it at the top and the bottom.

but use some tormal temple wall there like lost temple, but leave the low ground opened. (remove a lot of temple wlals)
Should I add a gas node at the min only expo close to the main or to the 3h expo?
yeah, gas at 3h expo is necessary of course.
and i still think that moving the minonly (so harder for T to grab) and adding gas will help zerg...
Here is the update with the gas at 3h.
IAMAHIPO_ocolor, trust me i tried to make the water empty of dirt and it looks really ugly and i changed the decoration in the water, hope you will like it.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
Bestter, but not perfect ;)
becasue,, well, it MAY look a little plain w/o ruins, but it looks 10x naturaller
becasue,, well, it MAY look a little plain w/o ruins, but it looks 10x naturaller
you shoul add the water doodad #3 and #4 somewhere.

AND YOUR MAIN MINERAL FIELDA ARE FUCKING RETARD!!!! use only 1 and 2nd place of distance, but never use the 3rd, you only have 7 min. fields, and you will need too much workers because of the long distances.

and yes, you may have to move the minonlies to the center, so terran won't have all that minerals against no gass zergs.

you should check flo's symbols on the GMC system, maybe you can make the minlies tankable (or lurkable) or maybe adding a small piece of rised jungle so both, minonli and 9h island kan be tanked?

about the center decoration, i was thinking on something like this:

you can see that red circle, i copy/pasted the small piece of temple to make it closer.
ProTosS4EveR//I'm sorry to say but korean hotest women aren't interested in starcraft :[
oh and your minonlies are as retard as your main fields formation, i recommend you to redo it (for example, the one i have on my previous posrt)

if you are moving the minonlies, better to make'em better.
and you can just place some dirt, no matter if you lookse the jungle/ruing.
then copy, then undu (ctrl+z) and then paste it.

if you want to add dired mud there, do the same thing, so it's how you want it to be, and yo don's remove any piece of jungle/ruins, don't know. temple shit

and what it that mapghost comment about? what have you done ProTosS4EveR?? xD
Hahaha, you're a child dude :D

So basically, you know I like this map, but you can improve it a lot. keep it up.
Testbug, my pictures > your pictures. :D

So, at main, i think +2 minerals at main are too much because there already is 7minerals at main + 6*2 minerals at nats = 19 minerals. I checked other maps and i saw there always was less of 18 or 19 minerals fields. But if i am wrong about the quantity of minerals at the main and nats, i will be pleased to add +2 minerals at main.

Center minonly, I already planned to do that today. And you gave me exactly what a wanted with the mineral formation, I tottaly forgot this mineral field setup. xD

Min only nat, I can add some temple between nat and rised jungle.

Center decoration, YOU B****** YOU KILLED MY BEAUTIFUL BUTERFLY!1! :'(
Seriously, i don't like when the ruines are not symetrical... and your idea for the middle is the reverse of flo's, i think i will made a full wall with 3 or 4 holes on it, maybe small to don't let large units to pass or bigger to let them pass.

I think that's all.

MapGhost, ZOMG REALLY? :''(
modified by ProTosS4EveR
I think testbug's idea for the middle is better then flo's. It'll change the gamepaly to much. Btw, did you check the pathing? Maybe your army get splitted. That would be a big problem. Otherwise a great map.

(i didn't mentioned your ruins are a butterfly ^^)
I saw there is a pathing issue for large units in the holes. The butterfly's head is in the center right of ruins. x)
I saw there is a pathing issue for large units in the holes. The butterfly's head is in the center right of ruins. x)

Ah, yesterday i had an idea about the closest ramp from the nat, i think if i remove this ramp, the expo at the corner will probably be harder to defend with army because it has to move a lot more.
nah then you wont be able to grab it as terran
just open it up for attacks from below (speaking of upper right corner).
modified by flothefreak
Oh, i have 2 comments in a row, looks like edit function is buggy. :S

great layout and execution.. i'll comment more later
Where is you comment? :(
modified by ProTosS4EveR
you CAN'T have 7 mineral fields at main. and i was not talking about the number of mineral fields.

the "your formation is fucking retard" means that you must have to place mineral fieldas in the closer 2 positions, the 1 square of distance and the 2 squares of distance.

you have some mineral fields at 3squares of distance, and only 7 mineral fields. so you will need more workers because of your retard distance, but will gain less cash because of your retard number od mineral fields.

but you are not retard my friend :)
yeah, your pics are better than mine :(
but check what have i don at the red circle.

oh and about the symetrical thing, you can make boths sides symetrical, i was just doing some example fast things (but my temple wall are still symetrical, the ruins are not)

the full wall from 12 to 6 is a bad idea, your center is already divided in 2 parts, the high and low ground, your wall is the transition between high and low, and your "holes in the wall" are those ramps.

just add some decoration temple walls in the center, because it was too opened. the iron curtain wall is a bad idea for this map.

i'm not telling you to add temple walls as mine, just make the center some strategical, my picture was only a random example.
no i like this wall. the distance is SO huge you need some kind of divider - open place would be a T killer. units can pass that wall btw
Protoss4ever, can u just show me what the water would look like without the clifts? PLZZZZZZZZZZZ??
Poah, this update made me very tired. x_x

First, main, gas node at top and MINERAL FORMATION IS LESS FUCKING RETARD! (i hope...) :D

Added a temple wall at the min only nat where t is posible to hit the nat (sure it is done for that), the island and the center minonly expo.

Moved center minonly expo and changed the mineral formation. This expo is a little more closed with 4 #4 ruins doodad and a temple wall.

Added some wall on the ruins and OH MY! RUIN AREN'T SYMETRICAL! SHAME ON ME! x_x

Added some water doodads.
Protoss4ever, just show me quickly what the water looks like w/o clifts and doodads. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
and what would be the point of wasting $400 or $300 on a 7 min expo, which is lurkable and tankable, when theres a 7 min 1 gas expo right outside thats not tankable/lurkable?
now terran just drop in the temple and it can take backdor, minonly and island???
just add a small piece where lurkers can attack some mineral fields.

the center is... (ugly?) testbug center was better :) (not the ruins, your ruins are ok. but your temple wall are not gosu

2 much dodad ruin #4
modified by Testbug
no more templewall :<

style -40%
Yeah, i totally fucked up temple walls, i did it too fast, only 30 mins for it. :(
modified by ProTosS4EveR
mine took 6 minutes, you just have to go to the 25% size and try until it looks ok. then copy paste it in the original version
I do updates really slowy. ^^
Here is the new, temple at backdoor can't ht the min only expo.
Maybe less temple at backdoor?
And tried to make temples better... :S
modified by ProTosS4EveR
IMO this version is best so far.

Are those minonlies* on 3 tankable from island?

*or maybe minonlys?
Maybe just the closest mineral from the island, it is a little far of the island to be totally tanked.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
nah i think standard obstacles dont work for this map. some kind of corridors are much better...even with openings in them
GOGO LOGO!1!1!!!

PS: BWMN logo is sexy! xD
modified by ProTosS4EveR
i have tested this map with ProTosS4EveR and center was a totaly shit.
you should redo the copy pasting things.

(your explorer goes on a linear way from main to main, and there is no obstacles on your way, maybe you should make the way some funny)

has shown to be tight at left, draw the movement or make something that obligates players to do something. then center is large and boring.

i noticed all your ramps faces the left side.
i would like to redo this map but the high ground of the right will be on top and mains at SE and SW. then this map won't need inverted ramps.

and i'll find the way to make the center useful, what do you think? we will have to work together for the iccup thing my friend
unburrowed another one test...
I love this map how it is now, i was playing it today and loved how good it felt, getting a map that has the right feel to it is a big thing.

I wish you the best of luck if you two do remake the map, and if you manage to make it better than this one, it will truely be ICCup worthy.

Good luck.
oh i was just thinking on a hirizontal version because won't need inverted ramps.
thank you Excalibur
Deathman, you can unburrow any map you want but the only condition is that the author has to be still active here... and i think i am active. :°

Testbug, feel free to make a vertical symetry but i am not sure if it will work because there is more vertical isometrical tiles than horizontal ones.

I will not update this map next days because i am a little busy... ^^
Played this in a play/obs game on east lol. The center felt like it had some pathing things, dunno. It felt weird =/

The mains are pretty awkward. The nat feels too far from the sl, and the corner really ought to be dug out like I said.

The game didn't last long and I was protoss, so I can't say much about it. But I can say the map definitely needs more work before it's motm.
who is easyloss
modify the center!
ven my center on the old post is better thn yours T_T
Wow, you're as lazy as I am when it comes to mapping. Make a map, edit it a couple times, find more issues and pretend the map doesn't exist, then make new map!
Yello-ant asked me to make an other map and new season start the 4th september, i don't know if it will be a good map because it is totally not symetrical. :[
This map which is fucking hard and i am making it since 3 days...
modified by ProTosS4EveR
haven't really been through all the discussion going on here but i'll say what i see

main to main take 1 hour to get to each other

nats to small & open how do i fe???

what am i fighting over in this map? i have 3 expos already what more do i need to fight for? An expo 1 mile away from my base or another min only with like no minerals at it outside my base??

battle grounds is just a long stretch of ruins/temple that has doodads/temple in the way

containments will be hella hard seeing as it would take back up 1 hour to reach other side of map

All i see here is
1) Turtle your main
2) roll out 200/200
3) bash each other
4) come out with 200/200 again
5) gg :/
i played it, the map is still fun. its distance is the same as on your map.
my map battles dont take place along the Long Straight distance with no flank room/spots
I love this map at first signt, but i would like to see what happened if you reduced the main minerals from 9 to like 6 or something. Also reduced the safe nat cash. Then it perhaps would be a race of who dared to get out on the map first instead? With this large cash set up, i think a terran push over the temple walls would be quite effective.
i still dislike this rich close island btw.
i'd delete it and replace it with raised jungle/tree combination. really...i think it hurts gameplay.
maybe block it with a sprite?
maybe block it with a sprite?
Hey all I modified the map a bit after seeing it. I made the island expansion on the opposite side of the map and make the old island expansion have 750 minerals/250 gas as well as a temple sprite there.

Never edited someone else's map before, so forgive me if I totally screwed up :P
modified by whiplash

--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs BWMN)Mayhem((1on1, 1.15)
--flothefreak vs AS.DhY(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs pulsing(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs pulsing(1on1, 1.15)
--iM-Nightmarjoo vs EasyLosS(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs iM-Moose(1on1, 1.15)
--EasYLosS vs iM-Moose(1on1, 1.15)

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