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Last update for (4)still in love1.31 : 2006, 05, 14 06:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
229 (4)still in love1.31 128*128noname1.2final

The map has been rated 68 times and got a total of 80 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

The optical aspect is pretty nice. ><3. Balance wise it seems ok to me, too. But it might be a map where you just get lost easily. It MIGHT be, maybe I'm wrong. Have to play it to know more exactly (lol, I'll never get to play all those maps T_T)

btw very cool you joined us here noname.
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This map is great! I wonder why it's not very comment here. I will try to play it as soon as possible!
i moved the map to the finished section. some small changes were added:
..gas-issus at mains fixed
..added min blocks to the chokes for one rax wall-in (they are 16 mins)
..widend the centre a bit by replacing the gas an removing some small cliffs

hope you'll like it :)
The map is great for team play 2v2. But i don't like the front gas. When you get the expand, and try to move to your neighboor, your army should pass right trught your workers because of the gas possition.
i did also think about this problem, but couldn't find a place to move the nat instead. now i placed the gas in the mineral line (why didn't i think of that before ^_^;).
Man i am think that in game the way that you place main expands is going to make a bad patch finding. Take for example bottom left. If units are comming from 6 o'clock, and going on high ground to some top location, then they will pass trought minerals, wich will be on a way, and you know the AI of units, when passing trought minerals. And if there is base, and workers too, it will be more hard. Can you think of a better place for the expands, so patchfinding is perfect?
i thought up two ways to kinda solve the problem..

in the first one the naturals are moved away from the choke. but there is no chance for zerg to 2hat-fe and maybe the nats are in tank range from other cliff (don't know would have to test). the gas nodes are placed at bottom/top left of cc. so they are kinda equal.
but because of the distance to main an the fact that the expands are apart from both ways to main, they arent very good nats anymore.

so i like the second one better somehow, where the gas is moved to the former min only, which also gets two more mineral patches, while one min-block got removed from nat (they are 5 now). this solution is better in my opinion. the mins/workers do not block the path anymore, but you are able to fast expand to the min only and defend your choke. and these changes do affect the importance of the former min onlys at the same time imo and with them the paths, that are on the cliff above them and down the ramp to them (for attacker and therefore for the defender as well)

what do you think? ..if no one will complain, i will use the second suggestion. :P
I like the first version more. Somehow this expand is making the feel of a connection between main location and expand, and people would be more agressive and sure in their skills, and will go out their bases, to build between main and expand too, so the units that come out, will be alrady near the expand. But this is just the way i feel it, and the way that i would do... Build gates, factories, hatchers... all outside to get the all cliff FOR ME MWUHAHAHA!
the 1st version really looks hard for zerg...very late expo.
the 2nd is also not this good for zerg, but better than the 1st. And as the 2nd version moves the emphasis more to the middle and away from the sidepaths (but closer to the enemy!), it will be better for gameplay imo
flothefreak: if i understood correctly, your thoughts are kinda like the same as mine. :)

lgi: you might as well take the whole cliff for building your main (it was intended this way in the first version of the map - the mains were smaller - but to many complaints : ) ..and having the nat like in the second version it will be behind your buildings (more safe ;) )

some more comments? if not, i'm still favoring the second version and will use it (sry lgi)
I think noname did good updates on the map, don't change it back :]
updated to gas at second nat concept

panschk: back to what?
Can you open a little the central right upper ramp? It just looks a little close the space in front of it, while the others are ok.
thanks lgi. didn't notice that. :) updated to version 1.31 allready.. but uploading will take some time.
now get rid of those minerals at choke :)
I referred to an LGI comment, where he said he prefered an old version.
This map is pretty cool, especially for being one of the first few maps on the site.

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