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Last update for (2)Aeon : 2007, 06, 24 11:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2303 (2)Aeon 96*128TitanWing/Moebius0.2final

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Once AGAIN, it won't accept the pic. >.<
Very good layout.
but honestly. YOU must be doing something wrong. MAKE A DAMN JPEG AND UPLOAD IT.
might be above 500k. most of mine usually are until i resize em.
Ah...ok I got it.

Now enough bitching about the pic! I want feedback on the map! :P
768x768 as picture size please... In case of non-square maps, 768 as the larger side...

Fuck this site.
well, a picture this large takes away much space and screws GMCS.

the map layout is great and appealing. the only thing i dont like are the islands, because you get 3gas easily anyway, so an additional island makes it quite gasheavy and turtle-style (esp. fr terran)

i would enlarge the lowground around the raised jungle, so you get a bigger dropzone (considering you could still turretturtle on the LT islands).

maybe you'll also need to open the map up a bit.

great work.

Ok, I'll open the islands up and update tha map sometime today.

Should I put mineral blocks on the islands to stop Terran from landing CCs on the backdoor expo and the islands?
i would personally like a minblockade at the island.
on the backdoor, i am not'd need several to prevent floating for the whole area behind the bridge. so either make none, or use a lowvalue neutral building, like a power generator.

does pathing work properly?
Pathing where? I haven't had any problems in playtesting, but I had to fix some un-minable minerals on the ramps.
do units go to the enemy's natural/mainbase from _every part_ of the mainbase, or are they getting confused because of the backdoorminerals?
Well, I haven't tested that and frankly there's nothing I can do about it if there is a problem. Besides, every good player should be able to micro at least well enough to move his units correctly.
Final updated. No further changes will be made.
What's funny?
you're choosing the easy way too much. pathing problems like in this map need to be tested at the first rough sketch to see if the concept works out.
of course, every good player is able to move the units accordingly to the pathing problems. but the question is, is this comfortable or annoying? doesnt it happen a few times that players lose games due to bad pathing? in this map, it isnt that crucial but pay always attention to this, especially when your block isnt like, 16 but a whole expansion.

this IS important, because pathing issues will make your map rejected by everyone who loses to this because at some point, units got stuck somewhere (like, rushing reinforcements, units on the way back to the main to defend drop, or when trying to counterattack).

why do you think blitzX was changed so there is a small passage in the mineral barrier? rush got screwed because zerglings and zealots needed to be directed all the way around which costed significant seconds.

"no further changes will be made"
no comment on this. -.-
modified by flothefreak

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