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Last update for (4)Duna : 2007, 07, 01 23:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2315 (4)Duna 128*128LML (aka EM-LML)0.4beta

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 18 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

You forgot the doodads on top the ramp.
Some of u may say: Wow, this looks kinda like luna o.O

so I can tell u: THIS IS LUNA! Luna in Desert!
I just put Luna into Desert!
It took me a while, but now its done.
Hope u like it:)
Haven't RadiX done this already?
Lurk moar!
oh yeah, no doodads at ramp >.<
I will add that fast :oo

and if that was done by any1 already, I'm sorry, I didn know:)
ok, I've checked RadiX ver.
when its like on the pic, then:
1. the ramp on top left (11) is too far on the left, it should be more in the middle like at the correct luna.
2. he used the normal bridges, but the luna one isnt the normal, its a bit more "fat". I put down some more "fat" bridges in my Duna, too.
modified by LML
modified by LML
ok, I've updated it.
the pic's quality kinda suxx, I dont know why o.O'
when I made it small with paint, it always added those pixels, which didn happen yesterday.
small??? it is 2000x2000 pixels...
RadiX version is only Luna on desert, so normal sized bridges are ok.
you wanted to make Luna the final on desert, then you need double sized bridges, and you forgot the black square in at the 12 o'clock bridge ;)
and radix did some decoration.
testbug is on my side.... This gotta be dream.
I dont get which black dot at o'clock bridge u mean o.O'
I dont see there any ;o
Lona the Final have a BLACK SQUARE in the northern double sized bridge (near 12 o'clock minonly)
WTH you have a lot of black squares in your tar!!!!
(null terain)

your copy/paste is worst than Nasty's (JK)
look at the Teal minonly (between the bridge and the geyser)

the southern bridge
the purple natural expo (at left)

the end of the 3 o'clock bridge, you cut part of the firt and made a vertical tar line.

you did the same in the red choke, but with some dirt on the tar

down the red natural expo, near the geyser.

northersn bridge
the way from teal to 9 o'clock minonly.
there are a lot of bad copy/paste.

lookd ude, if you are new here, there is a rule:
never use desert tileset. NEVER
desert and ice are not tilesets alright?

modified by Testbug
btw. I didn copy/paste ANYTHING! so stop saying: "you had bad copy/paste here, and there..."

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