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Last update for (4)Oirectine Final : 2007, 07, 31 10:25
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2368 (4)Oirectine Final 128*128BestTarsier1.5final

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 98 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

Here's my new map. Learned a lot from my previous map Overlands. Hopefully you won't be able to find any imbalances other than gas issue on the four high ground expos. Enjoy ^_^
modified by besttarsier
Mineral blocks aren't needed.
starting locations missing, the other mineral block @ 12 has 1500 minerals.

Good map!
NO WONDER it said Error when I was trying to play it on

Well I fixed it -_-

I was in such a hurry to get it on the net lol
modified by BestTarsier
radix, did you download the map and find it has 1500 minerals?
maybe he edited the map, but remember that sometimes the picture thong doesn't works properly and shows a big mineral field even in a 0 value field.
has happened lot of times
Yeah, the mineral walls aren't needed imo.
Basicly this is an ok map, but it's fairly narrow. There is very little flank room, so terran will be strong. If protoss can't beat terran early, it will be difficult to win at all.
I like the minerals ^_^

Yeah it's not amazing for flanking, but I'm okay with that. Nothing I can really change there.
Make 12h and 6h expos symetrical please, do it too in Overlands...
of course you can. it's just it would be easier if you think of stuff like that before making the map

add ramps@gmcs spots.
try if you can come up with some alternative route to the natural at the mapedge, from behind the current minonly.
modified by flothefreak
add minerals at main and nat T_T

make it at least main8 nat7 but not less
Crackling: I am debating whether or not to add more minerals, you see, with Overlands I had some problems with glitchy mineral placements regardless of the fact that they were all identical. On top left main the workers would swerve and take about 3 times as long as usual to get to the base with a min. So I stuck with a simpler (less minerals less risk) approach to this. I will probably test it out with more though, just really tedious.

Flo: The ramps are a good idea, I might do that.

Protoss: The 12 and 6 expos are identical in Overlands (let me double check), and in this map the reason they aren't symmetrical is because of
"gas issue" which I couldn't really fix on the high ground because of lack of room and tankableness. Like I said before I don't think it really matters at that point in the game anyways.
Okay, I added one extra mineral to each main and 2 extra minerals to each nat. Time to test it for glitches.

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