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Last update for (6)Smoke In The Air : 2007, 08, 05 12:02
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2367 (6)Smoke In The Air 96*128RaDiX0.3beta

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 17 points

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My submittion for the random map competition #2.
My 1st 6 player map

I like this map, should be a good 2v2 map, not a 1v1 map :P.

I tried to make a "city-look", by using some neutral civilians and marines, placing some supply depot sprites, and using some doodads. Deco took me a lot of time, you can't actually see it from jpeg, but open the map in scmdradt, and you'll see how many doodads i've placed.

I hope marjoo likes this, and will not choose some 4 player map, they are too ordinary.
modified by RaDiX
i hate mappers that copy and paste their deco. so dumb and effortless. And not to mention u can tell that it is really repetitive.

About the map - Good execution but the middle is way too tight. Red's main seems bigger than the rest of the mains but i could be wrong.

Your inverted ramp blends (the grass) should end once it gets to the dirt. those ramps look so bad when attached to the grass like that.
I wouldn't say it as drastically as Nasty, but yep, I don't like copy-pasted deco very much, either. At least not the way I see it frequently.

Now about the gameplay-relevant stuff: the top-right, bottom-left and possibly right naturals' gas might get into the way units trying to move up or down the ramp.

Doesn't seem like 128x128 to me, btw.
oopz it isn't sorry!
Nice but I think it's overloaded with doodads. There's a point where it gets too much.
Hmm... I would look at main sizes, doing rax checks to make sure they're equal or close to equal in size, I think I see some differences from the pic.
There's a lot of straight lines in the map, which I would avoid. I guess that sorta fits the theme if your colonizers did some massive terraforming...^^
I think you hit the theme alright, I hesitated before adding badlands, I knew it'd be hard for some mappers. I think I was expecting more asphault stuff in badlands maps.
As a plus, all the mapspace is used. However the middle is pretty narrow. I think perhaps there is too much gas in the map for its size. Maybe remove the nat gas, or place the nat gas at the mineral only. Otherwise they'd get gas too fast, and the narrowness would play into balance. Or another thing you could do is have a low nat gas value so it would runout soon, or maybe have a full nat gas and a low main gas. After all, in a colonised world what are the odds there are still resources left?^^ You could play with mineral values too, making units count more and make the map more micro oriented, which also should make the narrowness effect balance less. I reccomend testing tank range, I don't want my enemy cliffing my nat from his main lol. Also, consistency with tank range is a necessary positional balance. That and main size are the positional issues I'd look into. imo there can never be too many doodads :) I think the ramps with grass probably look perfectly fine in game.
Also I reccomend removing or placing elsewhere those crystals, the middle is too narrow to be cutting off any paths.

This isn't bad by any means, I think if you work with it a bit more you can execute it better and have a nicer gameplay going on. You could probably get it to follow the theme better with a little more time as well, but this isn't bad like I said.
I bet you could do better, remember you can submit up to three maps for this competition (if 2, have to be different tileset, if 3, 2 different tileset, 2 different player numbers).
modified by Nightmarjoo
heh, thanks nightmarjoo, I'll test main sizes today and do some edits to gas+mineral values
I could fit 48 raxes in the corner mains, and 51 into the 3 and 9 o'clock mains*, not a big difference...
modified by RaDiX
A little edit:

Middle opened as much as i could
Some mineral formations edited (main gas's has about 2800 gas)
modified by RaDiX

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