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Last update for (2)Nuclear : 2007, 12, 15 17:03
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2423 (2)Nuclear 96*96ptar1.1beta

The map has been rated 67 times and got a total of 75 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

A new map of mine. I only wanted to test some of my deco skills :) Finaly i decided to upload it here, cuz i haven't made a map for a long time. I want it to be balanced as good as it can be. I wanted to make a macro/micro map. Thats why it's only 96x96, but double geyser. Four of the main minerals are only 600. The geysers are all 2750.Pls write all your suggestions you have in mind!!!

PS: I will add some doodads later on.
modified by ptar
Very pretty, looks solid, but balance isnt my thing. ;)
I don't like the mineral formation in the main.
Tanks spots in the main FTW!!
I don't know for the balance too. :(
Yeah, I will remove those tankspots. Whats wrong with the min formation? For balance tipps i have to wait for nightmarjoo and his theorycrafting^^.

PS: Testbug i used crushed rock ^^. Some other design tips?
modified by ptar
one of the best pictures i have ever seen
Yeah, ptar learnt how to make gosu pictures. :P
Hey you should comment about my pic. Give me some suggestions about the map. I will add doodads now.

Edit: Should i add an geyser with low gas maybe 2000 to the natural?

Added some doodads.
modified by ptar
ptar make a 4 player map :)
Why? For ICCup? I don't like 4 player maps. I only make very standard ones :(
for ICCup, maybe. And you make so good (2) player maps, but no-one likes (2)Player maps (atleast many).
I like em' :) And my friends too. Maybe i will try a 4 player map.
Btw... does that mean you like it?
I like 4 player maps more. I like this map though, but not the main/natural...
RaDiX sanoo:
about xXx map sanoo:
too extrime map sanoo:
i think sanoo:
there can be drop under base in start game... also 2 gaz and thet type of minerals field sanoo:
it was on paradoxx map sanoo:
and no wall in here sanoo:
no chanse to defence in pvz sanoo:
mass lings will be kill all here sanoo:
may be if main bases was on cliff and expo was on cliff too... sanoo:
then may be was some balance
Thx, have you told him, that the mins and the geysers aren't full? I'm still editing the map. Is he korean or sth like this?
I didn't tell him anything about the map :S. And no, he's not korean ^^
Ok added more deco and deleted some of the tank spots. I know the main spot is still there, i will remove it and make a choke.It should look nice.^^ Pls give me some comments about the balance.
----Added Obs version----

I hope it'll work
oh, nonon. the picture sux, style is like shit. i meant the map.
that map looks good on picture, but the effects you used ruined it.
i only wanted to say that it looks good out of game.

and you should use normal pictures, it will still look good.
can't the bridges be wider?
modified by Testbug
#2 testbug, this is what i said to him.
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i am sorry - this map is imbalanced right now. the picture looks good, but gameplaywise, pure horror.

i would suggest making it either more standard (choke, gasnat, normal mainlayout) if you want to keep it and balance it out as far as possible - or delete it.
however, this min/gas-setup in the mainbases looks cool, and even if it feels a bit weird in the beginning, i love it. it offers so much room for harassing, and this round shape makes me love it. export this into another serious map where it can work (2plyrmap if you ask me, not 4plyr)
screw imbalance. ptar this is now my favorite map. every game i play for perhaps the next month will be on it. i'm sure you will be able to find ways to keep its form and aesthetics when you do fix balance issues. thank you, and keep up the good work.
Looks absolutely super cool, but a choke of any sort is somewhat welcome.

PvP here should be really fun though.

EDIT: Ok, I've downloaded the map and some replays, and there seem to be som serious problems with the map:

1) Both geysers at bottom have 2750 gas, both geysers at top have 5000. Top should win or what?
2) 2750 geysers give a nice gas startout but they mine out ridiculously fast. It disrupts the pace of the game because there ain't a place to mine gas from from than on. The middle remains contested and insecure, and nat has no gas at all.
3) At least some resemblance of a choke plz. It is TOO wide open, I'd love to see some zerg try out 3 hatch ling on it.
modified by NyRe
Made some changes again. Removed the min formation in the mains. Added 2 min onlys at 8 and 2 o'clock.
Gonna try to make an choke and remove the tankspots.
If anyone got any suggestions, pls tell me. thx
Other than the fact this map doesnt have my name on it, I dont c a flaw in it O_O, <3 <3 :D lol
ptar, OK map, too "classical" for my taste, but that's only me, nice map theme though.

Hey, the space around the mains & nats is chock full of tank spots both high and low ground and holes where they can't be reached by melee units. Did you intend this on purpose? If not please fix.
modified by Lancet
@ Lancet:

As i said in my post above :

"Gonna try to make an choke and remove the tankspots."

Oops, sorry, after a while posts become a blur.

--ptar vs JuGoKaOs(1on1, 1.15)
--ptar vs Block_a2(1on1, 1.15)

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