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Last update for (2)Razorshine Peaks : 2007, 10, 20 17:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2435 (2)Razorshine Peaks 128*128Deathman1010.1beta

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My newest map, Testbug gave me a few suggestions a while back and i sorta forgot about this map till now and finished it up. I may have forgotten a few things i was gonna do so if anyone spots any screwups just tell me.

Considering there isnt much walkables in desert i really dont have many on the map. I may spice it up a littble bit later on if this map is liked by evry1.

The Double-gas:
The purpose of the double gas is to concentrate gameplay, instead of focusing it all in the middle.
ice terrain, o rly
OOps sorry joel thx for pointing it out...the original map was ice
I never looked at the overall pic and never realized how plain it gonna fix that up now
oh one base backdoor doesn't faces oponent's?
deathman was talking about 3 battlefields.
when you days an other battlefield on the backdoor.

i was thinking on a map with an ugly battlefield on the center, and an other battlefield on the backdoor but not 3 of them :S
I gave you a pic...
:( no one wants to comment on this map
I don't like the placement of the battlefields; they are not accessible well enough; the battles probably will still take place in the center, and that center is too tight if this is the case.
I wouldnt say its tight but...yur prolly right as usual.

Addition: thx for finnaly sommenting tho
modified by Deathman101
wow a backdoorexpansion, whcih entrance is blocked by mnierals!!!1111
where did u get this amazing idea :o
why i oughta...
Crackling, don't be so harsh with deathman :[
We were both joking lol...
now more constructive criticism plz
OMG U guys are officialy useless.
Now guess why I won't comment here any more.
Man you should learn respect if you wan't to progress in level design, seriously..
Considering this map got no attention apart from jokes save spinesheath's comment. Oh and lets not forget the inactivity recently.

But tell me something, why do people start responding when i declare this site useless, yet when i ask for more constructive criticism I get nothing.
I guess it's like that: People look at maps, and some of them catch their attention; those are which they will comment on. Some don't catch their attention - usually the majority of maps - and hence people won't post.
This does not necessarily have to be connected to the quality of the map.

Now it seems that everyone thinks that the important stuff is said so far, and nobody seems to have any great ideas regarding this map. Nobody will force himself to write a comment without actually having to say something.

Give people suggestion on what you could change (major stuff, not just a mineral formation reshape), or make an update to your map. Then you might get more comments.
Sorry for reviving this but I think spine deserves a thank-you, and since SEN just failed for abit im gonna hang around here and Maplantis.

Also I am debating on removing the structure, shud I?

BTW: lawl I was confused when I went to check the pic to see if i missed an update.
Tight and turtletastic as far as I can see. I could tell you tons of things I think need worked on about the map, but I bet a lot of them I've said on your earlier maps already =/
The map may be a little on the terran friendly side. There is space for dropped units behind the mineral line of the gas nat, did you intend this on purpose?
@joel: I take it u looked at the structure.

@Lancet: No i ddnt know lol, nor did I ever realize that is a problem.

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