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Last update for (4)Darkrose of Sorrows : 2005, 07, 30 13:37
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
244 (4)Darkrose of Sorrows 128*128MuShu0.8final

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 50 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Did you remove the mineral blocks? wer'nt they kinda the concept behind the map? :)

I dont like center expos, that ground could be used better, curently there is tight passages and immobillity..

also the name kinda confuses me, since it doesnt reflect the map :P Darkrose, or rose of sorrow perhaps... of course thats no valid critisism, its just a reflection :p

when you added the blocks in the exps, you might aswell try and open them up a bit. they are so tights it would be impossible to stage a groundattack vs a fairly good defended exp..
Ok, I will fix some things( mineral block problem. I am most likely to revert to old version) and is it possible to re-submit the map? I have the key, so it might be easier to just edit it..
Oh, and the map was named after my friend's SN, so it doesn't have to make sense. :P
>>>Moved it to User-beta since it isn't really done yet. Still gotta tweak some things.

I also uploaded the newest ver.
nice. simpky add a little space between the cliffs to make it a little bit more space in the center, and im happy :)
Click here

besides that, looks very good. You will have many good games on this.
What does "SN" mean? :P was guessing screen name or something.
SP: Yup, screen name it is.

The map also looks interesting to me, though I recon its personality will only stand forth in early games. You have experimented with the design of blokable mains and naturals - that's great! - I trust it that the lowground entrances can be walled with one building, and the high ground with one depot?

I have to agree with SP on the middle exps. They aren't much good as they are now. I would suggest removing them, and then add island exps at 3 and 9.

Another problem is that it is intended to supply block on high ground right above the ramp into main. But some positions wall effectivly by the ramp towards center instead thus securing the 1nat mineral. Nothing wrong with that, just that 1 or 2 positions can't do that.
Fixed the gas problem and the walling one, but not too sure about removing the central expansions. I'll have to sit on that for a while.
The islands is a good idea, and as for the center you could ad a little lake or something, cause SOMEkind of obstacle you'll need, but those 2 expansions are perhaps a bit to much...
Since you'll be adding this to blizzcon contest, you really should fix some tanking problems too.. i see 2 or 3 tiny spots near the cliff nats where tanks can anoy.. i don't think they like such stuff..

*blue pos - below the min nat at the edge of the map

*red pos - just below the nearest choke leading to cliff min nat

*green pos - same as red, but mirrored

*dropping by the huge dinoskelleton will prove devastating to purple, since you're blocking that route with doodads. also you reach an expansion.

*red pos, putting a tank behind gas natural shooting over, its the same at green, but there you can walk around with no problems..

as a reflection to those center exps.. imagine terran at red pushing his way into center, tanks on the ramp and dropping temple ground between middle expos... kinda unstoppable :9

Make such harrassing possibillities more significant and even. i dont suggest you remove them all, just make them balanced and more even..

also the bigger choke at purple (outside gas nat) isn't entirely tight at the left highground wall just above the center templewall

I will work on those harrassing troubles tomorrow afternoon, as tonight is too, er, late. :P Thanks a lot for the tips, Starparty!

Oh, and should I make it so that the center expos aren't cliffable at all?
Starparty - *MORE update suggestions*
Not sure,its more a matter of taste
excuse the previous name - auto storage function :P
Meh, I guess Im convinced to change the center expos it islands...

then use the middle to make some cool design.. or a little lake or something. that could be cool i think.
-Removed the central twin expansions, which were replaced by the two islands at 9 and 3. Mini-Lake in the middle, too.

-Fixed siege places at the bases.

Looks much better now imo.
Purple pos misses mineral block in choke :o unless the pic is wrong

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