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Last update for Basilica ramps templ : 2009, 07, 05 22:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2506 Basilica ramps templ 128*128Freakling0.6final

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 27 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Pass is Ramps if anyone wants to fix/add anything.
Give credit to the author or admit you stole them?
name it
Basilica Ramp
author: Earthquake?

And...shouldn't you just add this to the twilight ramps map instead of make a new one?
This post is not displayed due to its content
This post is not displayed due to its content
oh if you cut this from the map (2)Bluse Storm 1.1
then this is a (0)High Basilica ramp(n).scm

can't you make the low ground basilica?
this look... unfinished

you should give us the passowrd so we can do it.
I put the pass in the first post test ):
oh i didn't understand that it was the password :D
who made this ramps? they are fucking wrong.

this are not Earthattack's ramps.
Earthattack's are perfect, they fit in any basilica edge and are wider than this shits

also, the author should place high basuilica and low basilica ramps, the basilica to crushed rock is not correct.
OK. I updated the template. left side are ramps for normal basilica, right side are high basilica ramps.
At the bottom there are korean style ramps as used in (4)ROTK (and Blue Storm etc.), but I fixed varius altitude bugs that the ramps in those maps have. I still cannot guarantee that they are bug free, though.
On the top are my own ramps as I used them on Mystique. They are 100% bug free and I also consider them better ballanced (and better looking, of course :P) than the korean ramps. I also included a version with another angle that can really help in rotational symmtric four player maps and stuff like that.
OMG Thank you Freakiling, I was hoping someone would update this.

modified by coV
Good job man I love this kind of things, its so interesting to see the different ways people solution problems.
It's too bad that SI didn't add the elevation overlay I suggested (similar to the unwalkable/unbuildable overlays), so that we could be 100% percent sure if our custom terrain has the right elevation levels...
I walked zerglings all over the ramps - millimeter by millimeter. That should be as close as it can be :) (of course not all ramps :P Only one, then I copied the tiles...)

EDIT: I found a map with bug free ramps: Good old RoV :) That one has no inverted ones, however...
modified by Freakling
cool :]] Freakling make Temple Ramps or Outpost because there is no very good ramps of that type :o and you are obviously good at making ramps xD
modified by LasTCursE
Thanks and sorry. Even I cannot overcome bad assortment of tiles :P
i have many ramps btw about 40-50 of everykind but yours are the best 45 degree that i got ^^ i'm thinking about uploading some of them here but.. i don't know
modified by LasTCursE
O do up load them LastCurse whats the worst thing that can happen?
Well, freakling, I bet you missed one or 2 pixels ;) The thing is, as of now I don't even know if elevation is a property of subtiles or even pixels. It certainly is not a property of the whole tile, though (I tested that myself). I lean heavily towards subtiles as I don't think blizzard went through the effort of setting the elevation per pixel.

Subtiles are 8x8 pixels, zerglings are 16x16, so you will always cover 4 to 9 subtiles with your zergling and we don't know which of these subtiles is used for the calculations.
Can someone help please?
I've been trying to copy/paste compound ramps to make it wider, but it wouldn't let be paste over the ramps.

Any help?

I used SCMDraft2

Options are:
Doodads are allowed illegal placement.
Copy And Paste includes doodad tiles
You need to right-click the ramp doodad and select "turn into terrain". The doodad itself will be gone, but the terrain of the doodad will stay. Then you can copy and paste just like with normal terrain.
I would disable the "restore doodads" option (or whatever it is called). Because that will make doodads that were turned into terrain real doodads again.
O do up load them LastCurse whats the worst thing that can happen?

The thing that stops me from uploading them yet is because when i needed help i never got if from the mappers here ;/ they only swear at my maps that they are total bullshit and imba :S
It is a subtile property. I am pretty sure about that. You can see it clearly on certain desert and jungle ramp tiles.
However, since the Zergling is the smallest unit (Scarabs will neither miss nor do they have vision...Or do they?!) it does not matter if there is a smaller spot (p.e. 1 or 2 subtiles at the edge of one tile) of low terrain because it would have no effect on any unit.
modified by Freakling
Well yes it does matter. Starcraft does only select a single subtile below each unit and calculate vision based on that one tile.
Well, again I only can guess that because I don't know which tile is selected, but it certainly seemed to be like that when I tested some elevation stuff.
After doing a lot of testing concerning this kind of stuff I can almost surely say that it works as follows:

The pivotal subtile that determines on which terrain level a (ground) unit stands is the subtile directly under the centre point of its collision box (the collision bix is a rectangle for every unit, thus the centre point is the intersection of its diagonals). It does not matter how wide the actual collision box is, thus it works the same for anything from Zerglings up to Ultralisks.
Thus if one cannot find any blind/bugged/low terrain spots with one unit one cannot with any other, which is, of course, because there IS none.

My original assumption that a unit has to be completely on low ground to be recognized as standing on low ground by the engine was wrong, however. I could reproduce the same effect I observed with Zerglings with any other unit I tried. But I still consider Zerglings the best test units for this kind of stuff because they have the smallest collision box and thus can "crawl" into every small spot of walkable terrain.

The best tileset to test this is jungle because there is one jungle ramp tile (and it its counterpart on the mirrored ramp) that has exactly one low ground subtile on it.
What I could also deduce from my observations on that specific tile is that one needs at least a full tile of higher terrain to achieve a vision barrier (an area of higher terrain that blocks vision of the opposing side for ground units).
modified by Freakling
Oh, thanks spinesheath

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