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Last update for (2)Tbmmitu : 2007, 12, 08 23:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
251 (2)Tbmmitu 128*128Starparty & Hefty2.1final

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 109 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

A map build on features by popular demand. a "crowdpleaser" if you like to use that word :o
I upload many of my maps as "final" since i already have modifyed them from responses in a thread or such alike...
This map reminds me of a MOTW ;)

It is the same tileset as The Berrens, it has the same back-entry to the min-only, leading to 2 other expansions. The only difference is that the The Barrens islands are changed into small min-onlys and two islands are stuffed into the corner of the map. Have seen better from you so far.

And i wonder what the name looks like?! :)
It's a good map, no question about that, but it really reminds me extremely of The Barrens, except that trccs maps is looking better imo. :)
Erhm. This map was made 2 months ago. The Barrens just recently. Dont say that our map reminds you of his, when its the other way around :P
And this map has alot of planning conserning both design and playabillity behind it in difference from most maps where the maker mostly does stuff that falls him naturally. the islands is a key backstabbing place when an army travels to kill island exp, block him in the back when he returns. All respect to trcc and all of his maps. But this one is a co-op between me and Hefty and we definitelly worked out a gaming system on this map. I know barrens is good, i suggested it as MotW! but this map -has- more planning behind it.
I know that you won`t sit own with hefty to make a map AFTER trccs map got MOTW, thats sure. I just say it reminds me of it because i saw TheBarrens before i saw this map. That`s for that.

As said, i like it, and i think you both have planned it very well, it`s defentively a good map :)

When i read my comment above, well, it suxx, igrnore it ;)

I really like this map, as well as trccs, both are great in gameplay and both have a lot of planning behind i bet. :)
Way too much money for 2 player map.
Too much money... hmm... i always have a problem with this kind of comment. i think, as Starparty and Hefty do i bet, that you have only 2 expansions more as on LT and you don't have to expand everywhere. The game may take longer and be harder becasue of the fact that the distances between the expansions aren't that far so that you should be able to defend your expansion better than on LT i. e.

A terran could easily stop you from taking 4 expansions throguh dropping some tanks and SCVs on the cliff at your natural and on one island. But you still have to chance to expand then. That's interesting in some way.

I like it.
*thank you :)

--BHolder vs apanatschka(1on1, 1.15)

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