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Last update for (2)Trees of Ghelia : 2007, 09, 30 00:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2516 (2)Trees of Ghelia 96*96Lancet1.1experimental

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 61 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

A little map fit for little battles. The central theme of the map is the tree clusters. I got the idea from the map "Eden" by DeSade. These are doodads overlaid with sprites. There is enough room inside for buildings or to hide an army. They lend themselves for attack and defense, proxy buildings and hiding scouts. An army inside the trees is hard to target with micro. The nat has a narrow choke and is easily defendable. The map seems narrow but there is a lot of lateral space from where to ambush. The gas expos are just a "stone throw" away from the enemy mains, as the crow flies that is.
pretty cool. Simple and it has pretty good execution. the only thing about this map is that its really basic so you can really only do and say so much about this map. should play pretty well.
I like the concept, perhaps Testbug could make a more complicated map using this.

Solid with a bit of a fresh twist, but still pretty basic. I like.
Lovely really, few more grass/trees doodas spread randomly across the map will give it an even more natural look.
Thanks, I considered making a bigger map and I guess I could try but I was concerned that the tree clusters would not be as much of a relevant feature because I could not have placed as many. The way it is now this map is 10 sprites short of the limit. Perhaps the way to do it is just to place a tree cluster close to say every gas expo but with a bigger map you may need to use less sprites. I will think about it but Excalibur is right, maybe testbug can work this into one of his ellaborate maps.
I rly like the idea.
but with hiding some rushes under it.. I think evry1 who uses his/her minimap, will find it anyways ;))
just not with the 1st look, thats great.
if any1 wants to play on it, msg me!
Europe: nAi.LML
iCCup: nAi.LML
(I am mostly on one of those...)
Yes, you will be able to tell from the minimap or from looking in between the branches that there are units under the trees. What will be much harder is to single them out and micro your own units to effectively attack them. I don't play SC very well, but please if you play any games on this map please post the reps here.


Ingenius. I look forward to this becoming the next trend :D

LML, I will try to find you to play :)
Ex just had an idea. >:D
do that :)

Chef and me already played, the game isnt well, and we didn use the trees (at least I didn rly..).
But I think it's good to hide ht's there, in PvP, or in PvZ aswell so that it's harder for hyds to pic out the ht's, big advantage, the Protoss needs:D:D
modified by LML
where are the turret spots at natural expos?
it's very hard to muta-harras mains :(

isn't the choke too tight?
it looks like terran is not going to have any problem defending its own natural, and ataking protoss's natural as if it were Arcadia, protoss units will get out one by one from that choke :(

oh wait, there are trees in the highground main??? :S
i love the forests, but its nothing compared to what testbug can do with jungle terrain
Thanks for the replay! Those goons were sure surprised by the DTs! But purple's decision to go for mixed units and earlier expo eventually doomed him against red's mass goons. It was not my intention to force players to use the forest clumps, that is optional, it's just one strategic option here. Otherwise it plays like a regular map designed for short games. Maybe if the game had been longet they would have been used more.

I intended that in-nat forest cluster to be a place where you can hide scouts and where maybe a probe can sneak some photon cannons. I can't help feeling, however, that maybe if I put the trees next to it (instead of in front) and rearange the entrance it will be used more. Or alternatively I can narrow the space in the nat and bring the trees closer to the action.

The amount of buildings you can place under the trees is limited by the doodad trees around it. I could erase the north-facing doodad trees and increase the space, I would lose some of the "forest effect" but I could do it.

The nat entrance is tight, in fact you can block it to goons and archons with a barrack and supply depot. Do you all think like Testbug that I should widen it? The nats can be muta-harrased from one side. There are no trees in the high ground, this terrain does not give me that option at least with the trees I wanted to use (but I can use others).

You are all welcome to suggest ways in which I can improve the map.
Since I've played on this map, I can tell u a bit. The chocke and entrance were fine for me. But something you could in crease is:
1. The mineral formation in the mains... make them a bit closer, one hole is enough I think (for scarabs).
2. Put the mains a bit upper and move it a big away from the edge of the map (left and right) so that u can place cannon/pylon/turret behind it, and some drops and also to make muta harrass a lil easier.
Thanks very much for the replay. One possible strategy that toss could try is to build a pylon under the trees in the enemy's base and then photon cannons.

I fixed the edge of the North ramp and widened the nat entrance a bit. I also removed a "floating turret" that was left over from when I designed the map.
modified by Lancet

--Chef vs nAi.LML(1on1, 1.15)
--prOxi.Beater vs Art.Less(1on1, 1.15)

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