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Last update for (4)Space Summer : 2008, 09, 10 19:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2576 (4)Space Summer 128*128ProTosS4EveR1.2final

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 73 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Sin pioneer period anyone??
Not as cheese-oriented as SinPioneer, but there indeed is not really much of a difference.
Cool map. I like it :O
Really cool concept and I definently think it could work. Enough flanking room on all sides of the map and theres a variety of terrain that allows different techniques in the offensive and defensive area of gameplay.

9/10 for me
mains are bawful in terms of space, youll have to build a lot of stuff in the corners i guess.
all nats are tankable/lurkerable/high templarable/maybe even marineable lol
9,3 mains are closer to the nats then 12,6
Interesting map, great concept! Protoss4Ever you forgot to write your name under "author". At least no one will be able to say that there is a swastika here, although some people will argue that that is the same or worse, LOL!

Hey, units can get past the top two temples, please fix this. Why "Space Summer", write something in the map description about your map.
modified by Lancet
Pretty fucking sexy.
LOL i thought it was P4E too. :) Nice map. I like it.
Units can't pass at top anymore.

Well, I will tell you the story of the map name...

I draw this map a month ago, and an other with the same main layout but with a useless center to use only the sidepaths and by the way choose the side of the nat. BUT a week ago, somebody on mapdori made this map (CHEATER FFS!!1!!) and i did this map because somebody can do the concept of the map.
The useless map center was named "Spring is coming", like i used a season name, i wanted to use an other season for this map.
good thing the units passing thru top/bot got fixed... zling runs were just being too ez lol
I want flo's and marjoo's comment! >_<
Man .. how to say it ... you are one MaPMaking GOD ! i realy like your maps they are great :))))
o yeah i did it!
this map isnt even close balanced :o
I somehow doubt those main formations will mine perfectly, have you tested them?

The mains from the picture look like they feel awkward, especially as you're forced to design your base around several paths since you have to keep those neutral paths in mind.

There's a lot of space in the corners, seemingly useless space imo as those areas really aren't all that important I'd think.

The nats need some work, they're too insecure here. pvz FE looks harder than a priest on a playground etc. Also, I think they're a little too vulnerable from that cliff, especially on top of already being insecure.

I'd suggest putting the mains in the corners and giving them real nats and making the 3rd gas expos if you can call them that in the compass directions instead.

Also, even with the triple entrance/3rd gas expo concept, I think the map still lacks some spark, that the gameplay won't be special or interesting at all, with some exceptions via the alternate entrances. It sucks that the map is in space, because I'd have suggested giving the 3rd gas bases overseeing cliffs, and lowground ones won't cut it imo. Overall the map seems fairly harass-unfriendly, except for the nats, except the nats just suck to use overall, which doesn't help gameplay.

Maybe add shit to the middle too, if you think you can make it more interesting without making it too tight.

You could perhaps experiment with designs where the main has only one xel naga path, allowing you to better place the sl which would be more building and harass friendly and make the mains overall more comfortable, and put a greater emphasis on the middle. You might then consider messing with the 3rd gas area to make it more interesting, I dunno. I don't have any concise suggestions here.

Overall I just feel like the space is not used perfectly, and better use of the space would give you more room to improve the map, make it more interesting and give it more exciting gameplay, etc. The mains are just really annoyingly shaped, on top of being really annoying because of the triple entrances, then the corners have a ridiculous amount of space that's overall both not needed and just too much, too spacious, to the point of being annoying on top of being a waste. The middle is drab and boring, there's no strategical value to anything anywhere, possibly from a lack of space to do so with. I don't know exactly what needs done here, I think the concept could be ok, but that the execution is lazy and thus flawed: you just placed everything so simply ._.
Yeah and I don't even want to get into balance here ~~
Nice to see you're active again though :)

--Real.skY- vs Real.fAke-(1on1, 1.15)
--Freeman vs Real.fAke-(1on1, 1.15)

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