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Last update for (4)Neutronium : 2009, 01, 28 23:35
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2586 (4)Neutronium 128*128LostTampon0.4beta

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 25 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Outside of the gas issue, I really like it.
Rehi, long time that i created my last map. To be honest, i lost a lot motivation for starcraft and creating maps. But you can't escape starcraft.
Furthermore, the process of creating maps is very relaxing to me. Therefore i decided to give it another shot.

As you can see, it's a standard map with a slight variation: Ramps at the naturals that lead up to another expo. I have not playtested it yet, so it may be possible that tanks can reach places that they should'nt.

Some thoughts:
a.) The middle - is it too tight and should the rift be removed?
b.) Is the map generally to terran friendly? Can they grab expos too easily?
c.) Also, is there too much of an advantage for tanks being able to shoot over the cliff at the naturals?
d.) Are the mains large enough?
Hmm, if all need 4 drones for gas, is there an balance issue?
Yeah, because when people mine with 3 they'll mine at different rates. That's the gas issue :)
oh my fucking god he's back!!!!

a bit of gas and distance issues
zomfg is tampoon back?!?!? I've missed this boy so much. Tampoon bring back your sexy
So many ways for Terran players to piss me off on this map. Good for T players though. The middle is nice and wide open as well for Z and P players. I think it has a decent balance, I just dislike tanks :'(.
holy crap thats a nice one :o
What? No dwebs or swarms? LOL! Whatever happened to the old Lost Tampon?

: ^ )

People have already pointed out the "gas issue". I do agree it seems to be a terran friendly map. Maybe if you turned the second gas expo immediately next to the nat into a minonly it would help this and encourage turtling less.
modified by Lancet
Slight update:

-) fixed gas issue
-) moved gas according to lancets suggestion
-) widened ramps
-) minor layout improvements
I really like this map :)
tankable mains make a map weak;once more when the nats are alredy tankable.
Its definately imba i just love the space terrain :))))

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