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Last update for (3)BehindTheAbbey : 2008, 01, 05 13:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2696 (3)BehindTheAbbey 128*128FateD0.2betaground

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 10 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

aight all, this is my 1st 3 player map ever, and was a pain to make lol

I know the spots arent really 100% balanced by themselfs, and i didnt even look at race imbalances yet... and deco needs alot more work...

but its there !!!! lol

and btw, if you noticed, I managed to make a pic !!!

lol anyway, whatd u guys think?

PS: this map is dedicated to some1 i knew.. so ill try make it nice n clean :)
(3)LT clone
no even funny ;_;

very basic map, not that good looking, but should be balanced...anyways this database has like 1k of maps like this
Player 1 and 2 are pretty close compared to the bottom player.
What you can do to keep track of the distances and proportions before you make the map is to place a sprite, say a turret, at every large grid intersection and then work at a 25% view of the map (the lowest "zoom"). This will allow you to more or less make the different features of the map that need to be equal to each other so as to avoid positional imbalances.
hmmm, guys?, i have an idea maybe to give it a lil twist?

what if i added a ramp close to the nat (from main base) that would lead to a ground lvl that would take all the empty space (or most of it) and have a min only between the nat n gas/min 3rd expo ... idk if you guys get what i mean?

and btw, shouldnt distance not be a problem since its 1v1 map and would only change how the map is played?
modified by FateD
Ya, distance is a minimal problem, but it seemed like you were going for symmetry so I mentioned it. So you want a low ground battlefield center? Player 1 and 2 seem a bit too close tho, straight line to each other too.
modified by ludamad
wrong gass for teal?
what u mean? ;o
you maybe didnt notise but ur minerals in main r at wrong side, lol ^^

this would be really annoying i know but could u move down everything of blue some? it would be better that way. ima upload my 3 player map now too and see if u like xD
lol it was intended man, i wanted zerg to be entirely unable to def at main (xept from drops)
he mean gas isnt top of the start location^^
theres still no issue is there?
I want testbug to redo this map with good placement/proportions, and with better more pythonesque islands. I kind of really like this map, but it was badly executed.

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