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Last update for (2)Obsession_0.64v : 2008, 01, 05 11:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2716 (2)Obsession_0.64v 96*128Rkas0.7betaground

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 31 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Interesting.. that's one of the few maps of late which make me go 'hey, I wanna play this one.'
I'll comment later, when I have some games on it.
Could you pls save the reps? I wanna watch some games on this map, but i don't wanna play myself xD
this is one of the best maps i've ever seen in a long time.
Zerg need a lot of sunks to cover both his exp and his ramp, not to mention that there is enough room for a nice M&M army behind the gas at the nat...

Imo the nat should be closer to the ramp.

And thats another map which i won't play couse of that... Couse i am a zerg...

P.S. Again Monty Hall clone, right? :D
modified by LGI
these ramps aint wide enough, at 12 and 6 if u put those together.

and the 3 and 9 (use ur imagination too alittle) alittle wider.

map would be much better and much more balanced. nice map good job

... . i just wish mains could be larger but im too late to say that :(
What's with nasty being a slut for every bad korean map? It's getting annoying and somewhat embarassing for a mapper considered to be as skilled as Nasty to be in love with every pretty korean map despite their retarded modern-player-unfriendly aspects. Especially since his comments are always ZOMG BEST MAP EVER without any actual comments on the map itself lol.

I don't like the map for its retardedly open nat, long and narrow main path, stupidly awkward for building placement mains. Most forms of real harass are undone by the stupid layout and structure of everything. The expo placement outside of the mineral only is somewhat random. The expos aren't all that strategically placed and in weird proportions. With the main path being so narrow and long, it's pretty useless. It'd be fine if it wasn't so long, but it is long as fuck, so you might as well use the paths which actually have expos, and aren't much longer -_-

LGI, it looks more like Arkanoid to me.
modified by Nightmarjoo

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