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Last update for (2)Kraken : 2008, 02, 28 00:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2764 (2)Kraken 128*96RaDiX0.2betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

RaDiX is back ^^.

So. I've been off from mapping some months, but as some people have noticed, i've been visiting the site quite regularly. I'm a bit rusty, but I like this map a lot.
So, about the map. I had the idea for quite long in paper, but didn't have motivation to do it in editor. I think that the map should be quite balanced, though I'm afraid that terran might have a little adventage, becouse of the quite narrow middle, and the cliffs to natural.
I like the map, I hope you like it also.
modified by RaDiX
lol i like the map, but i think ur giving the bottom of the map a lil too importence, if i was u, id take the bot mid expo out, n maybe add an expo on the nat's cliff looking toward the nat :O

whatd u think about it?
Yeah it's good idea, I have to consider that. I also was worried, that with the bottom exp, the bottom would be too narrow.

The exp on the cliff should be min only? And the exps in corners could have maybe 2500 gas?
modified by RaDiX
hmmm, i spose that could work out good :D
you've done better
Welcome back Radix, nice map. I do think that terran here could gain the upper hand tanking the cliffs and exploiting the narrow corridors. Hey, write up a map description.

Hey guys, don't forget to vote for EMOTY, (4)MOTY and (2)MOTY!
modified by Lancet
"you've done better"

ofc I have, I told I was rusty.
yeah but there are some flaws i hadnt expected. like the only path to the very important bottom is too tight for larger armies (there'll be a lot focus on in late game!) and a strange setup of large areas and tiny chokes.
Ok flo, I understand your statement. Will be editing it today. (atm actually)

- Removed the middle bottom expo.
-Made 2nd natural to the cliff, added a 2500 gas to bottom corners
-Widen up the bottom.
-I made the road which goes to bottom from highground, not lowground
-Added some deco/doodads.
-Also added map despriction ^^

Now the map is better I think :)

modified by RaDiX
Zerg will lose long game. ;) Not enough resources but it is good map. .. I mean it is hard to defend expos.
modified by SiaBBo
should be ramps at 5 and 7 o clock, nice map
yeah, just have to find good inverteds :))

Edit: Done :). (ramps added)
modified by RaDiX
If there are no other suggestions, I think the map is final now.
hey radix i added a GMC look plz :)
hmm, this map still isnt done, u still didnt find good inverteds... since theres none XD lol :p

Map reminds me of Trench something. It's a flothefreak map, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, cool concept, I like the whole ramp-then-another-ramp thing.

IMO, the minerals for the nats are too close to the entrance ramps. Someone could send a ranged unit up the ramp and immediately start blasting away at workers.

I mean, that's cool, but maybe a bit of distance from the ramps?
how about.. invert nat?

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