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Last update for (2)Lunar Storm : 2008, 01, 30 03:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2794 (2)Lunar Storm 96*96FateD0.1experimentalground

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

another map from fated :D lol

well yea, I tried putting this gas thing into a map... but working the other way around, a way that u could choose to open up :P (closable afterwards too)

so basically, I havent worked out the balance much yet in this, but I think zerg will have 1 hell of a hard time lol so.. idk :D ill have to c

whatd u guys think?
also lol, if any1 dls the map, itll be in the 1st maps of the list, since i put a space at start.. :O
1) on the next update, remove the space :p

2) is the path already open when you just build the extractor/assim/refinery?
The gas might cause some fierce pathing issues. For the most part, I don't think they'd change gameplay that much otherwise. You can go to your opponents back ramp and spend about 200 minerals (or 100 + 2 drones) to try to go up it, but idk, if the enemy has tanks there it seems like they could just shell the gas before they are made. Also it doesn't seem too great to use to the backdoor to move your troops out.

Also, other than the 2 empty gas blocks, this map only has 4 gas.
i dont understand that gas wall , what is it good for?, i mean u wont really mine at it and it just block the way and created path issue (maybe)

this will be imba tvp too, a terran fast push rox 2 hard at these small maps
Also, for the terran push the whole center is buildable.
the path starts as unwalkable, and if u keep ur units at ur ramp(or nat/nat entrance) (which normal ppl do lol) there wont be any pathing issues at all..

As i said bfore, the balance wasnt worked out yet, i might have to widen those paths or w-e (maybe the ramp too) and who knows, maybe put a 3rd gas in the line?

and yea, tank pushes r kinda strong, but I mean, give the map concept a chance :( I wanted to try a 96/96 like ptar does lol

he never got that kinda coments :( :(
Annoying tho that if you click their base to scout, your peon will try to go through the two gas, since its a shorter distance.
pretty unique layout in my opinion. Gives me a few ideas
ok, it don't crash but buildings aren't shown.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
hmm ok ill fix that, thx :D

wasnt sure if border buildings would work :)
changed lil details here n there :O

couple doodads added, neutrals replaced, nat entrance not all buildable (and harder to wall up for T)
definitely too less gas;o

add some gas at the 2nd mins only, I think.
btw for the T push, thinking back to it, it might not be so true... Bc the T will pretty much only be able to push that later ingame, and theres practically no room for gols to counter carrs there..

idk about main to main tho.. :O
i asked before but no1 answered so ill just repeat my self :D
err 4 Funnnnn!!!

hmm, actualy, its just like in troy, its a blocked path at start, and when u build on em, it opens the path up for units to go thru :P
It seems like a rather dull place to have them tho. Would be more interesting if you had them as in troy (with the assimilator near the entrance), except re-buildable.
well, the thats not really what i aimed for... this way, it sorta makes a 2nd path into main that isnt totally rigged either..

I think it might even counter balance T's strenght on this map in a way.. T cant just take middle n stand there, he has to divide a lil or to stay more defensiv (btw i suck at teocrafting i know lol)

thats just how i see it :P
Thanks for trying to use this feature but I built 2 refineries there in the South main and then only ghosts could get through (and with some difficulty), none of the other terran units could. However send units directly from the main in that general direction on the minimap and it will mess pathing. I am not sure the map gains that much by having this feature in this position.

I am sure that we can figure out better uses for this feature, perhaps access to an area of the map that cannot be accessed by another land route or a non-pathing-messing backdoor to the main.

As to the map perhaps you should place extra gas on the 3 and 9 minonlies.
No wonder, it only works with assimilators.

Refinery is a large building. Large enough to make nothign pass through. Extractor is 100% collision meaning it's building size equals it's collision size. Only the assimilator's collision size is singificantly smaller than geyser's (all resources have 100% collision size as well). This feature is protoss-only, that's why Troy has them prebuilt and not rebuildable.
ohh... i didnt no that :o :/

I might actualy try something else in this case... :) :D

btw i didnt update, but fixed a gas issue, added gasses to 9 and 3 and idk what ill do with the gasses,,, O_o

i really was experimenting, idk how it all works already lol
anyway i still think this is t>p
change the map name. Lunar storm is a nerd labeled teenager community site. (try
"added gasses to 9 and 3"

It does not show in the picture, please update picture, thanks.
I have discovered that you don't have to build the assimilators to get through, you just have to begin warping them in, then you can go through and cancel them after you have reached the other side! However, I can only get probes, zeals, DTs and high templars to go through not dragoons.

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