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Last update for (2)Omega Ruins : 2008, 02, 12 22:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2815 (2)Omega Ruins 128*128SiaBBo0.8betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 41 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Yeah, new map. What can I say? Well mineral blocks are 16.

Comments plz.
Red base reminds me Longinus. One thing I don't like are those small two mineral block walls.

Btw. Both geysers on raised jungle are 5k?
modified by Prezes83
The raised jungle walls around the two main bases remind me of Longinus... good map, Longinus...

What's the gas count on the two geysers in the raised jungle expansions? I hope they're not 5000 each, 'cause that'd be a tad too much. 2500 Each would speed us gas collection without giving the owner of that little 'island' too much gas.

I like the little 'mini' ramps perpendicular to the medium sized ones. I assume that's for either;

a) flanking
b) units to go up if some get stuck on the ramp across from it.

I also like the way you have the ramps going from largest, smallest, medium. I'm about to play a few games on this map, and I'll let you know if anything is amiss.

It looks great, though. Nice work!

modified by Rye
Geysers on rased jungle are now 2500. I forgot that. ^^

New comments are welocome too. Maybe I remove those mineral blocks and add neutral building there. If there is not blocks I think it is not so cool. :/
Yay @ the new geysers. :)

I don't know, I kind of like the mineral blocks.
i think u should remove those 16minerals and make the path sightly wider.

nice map gj
SiaBBo, what converter are you using? Your images are a lot more detailed that scm2jpeg...

(I'm also asking because Vista screws up scm2jpeg.)
Hehe, Vista is bad. I use rexplorer.
Vistarrgh. D:
modified by Rye
too much gas, just delete other gas from the raised jungle expansion. Good map. You're from Finland, right?
Yeah, I'm from Finland.

I don't think there are too much gas.
modified by SiaBBo
very rich in minerals.
10 in main and 8 at nat, then 7 at mins only and 8 at the other 2 expos.
moi ;).
Moi, moi.

LML, maybe it is cuz balance? ^^ There are lots of gas but minerals too. ;o
Longinus gone to hell, and then edited by blizzard oO

Your sizes and distances are just... bad.
The geyser in your North nat is tankable from the adjacent high ground, move it to the other side.

The islands reachable by bridges close to 3 and 9 seems a bit pointless. You could connect them to the center through ramps.

Move the gas expos close to 3 and 9 out of the way towards the border of the map.

Your raised jungle to jungle ramps have some internal and side tiles that can obtruct unit movement. To see these tiles click for example: units > terran > ground units > firebat (or any ground unit). The impassable part of the tiles will show up darkened and then you can fix it by cut and pasting the right tiles.

You have a ton of tank spots in the vegetation behind the nats. Just open a hole to that area and make it reachable by land.

This post is not displayed due to its content
Map is edited.

I changed mineral blocks. They are 0 now too. ^_^
Not so many tankspots anymore.
I like the little pathway of raised jungle behind the raised expos. Build a bunker and drop a tank on it, that no one's expanding there until you leave. :D

Though, the southwest one is a bit... straight, where the northeast one is nice and curvy. It's a minor thing.
modified by Rye
make the second bridge as wide as the other :)
Why? :/
it does remind of longinus a lot. The sideways are fun, keep the minerals blocking there, so each player with some scouting can have hints if someone is going to use them or not (or get tricked to belive so as well).

A rep uploaded, we both played like shit, but the dts using the backdoor way and the little gateway inside the main are fun.

--Alter.Ego vs UkrX(1on1, 1.16)

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