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Last update for (4)Insomnia : 2008, 03, 12 04:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2839 (4)Insomnia 128*128Crackling0.1betaground

The map has been rated 38 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Lol @ author :)
100% its tk, he(she?) only uses bundles of grass so much :p

and always does shitty ramps even with already made ramps xD
modified by ProTosS4EveR
or crackling, with all those doodads xD
looks like a NatyMarine map. but i don't know why... i'm sure it's not Nasty!
it might be tktkvroom :)
once again highgroundcenter -.-v
modified by Crackling
unbuildable bones @blue 3rd gass.
these doodads looks horribleeeeeee
the distances are too long in my opinion
why ilegal dooddat at purple corner?
I know who it is, but I won't tell. I don't think I would have guessed who it was though, had I not known already :)

Couple things I don't like. From the pic, it looks too far from the sl to the nat; well maybe not "too" far, but farther than usual atleast =/
Then, long distance from main2main. So in general, distances are imo too long ><
Reminds me of katrina, only with a stable expo layout and a useable middle :)

The ramps are rocky for SW/NE but not NW/SE.

The mains' shape is ugly :(

I dunno if the distance/shape errors are fixable =/ Looks kind of awkward to play, but overall is ok I spose.
okok its mine xD

holy shit i jsut noticed ingame that mains are HUGE O_O

gonna fix that :o

yea, main2main is pretty long, like katrina, buts its not bad at all, just makes some openings more/less viable
"The mains' shape is ugly :("
there are tk's ramps
i stole them from devotion :>
!!!YEAH, I WAS RIGHT!!! Crackling power <3 But the ramps are realy ugly, copy some better ones xD
nice structure though I think it can be improved. Mains are pretty big too. Although the execution is nice I think a lot of the decorations make the map feel cluttered imo.

Nice style and good effort!
OK map, I like the multiple paths. When you try to play the map the gas at the third gas expo next to red main's does not show up, please fix. There is an issue with regards to the third gas. Red and teal can partly defend the third gas expo with tanks from the rims of their bases, but that is not the case for purple and blue. Put some grass deco on teal's base.
Some small stuff should be fixed there and there and it's perfect!

Some tank range issues at some of the center exps from the nats.

Put hatcheries on each natural at StarEdit and see how close the creep goes to ramps. Make it good enough at every spot (imo they should be closer to ramp).

Also by making the nats closer to ramps you will have some free space behind the minerals for some cheesy pylon-cannon, which is a must in todays pro maps, and thats not all, there should be some space behind the minerals for any kind of harassments... Imo more tactical elements = better and less boring map.

Distances from main to main, seems good, gj for that, without testing it.

Path finding is ok too?

am i doin it rite?

Free Image Hosting at
cool map, dunno about balancing tho
map updooted

...edited once again

pic carklinged :O
modified by Crackling
comment it, bitches
Non, no, that is the wrong thing to do. Check what I did in "Nekromantic", you upload a controversial pic and then ask people to comment the pic instead of your map.

: ^ )
OK, ok, map comment.

That narrow exit from the nats (the one with the minerals) is a great idea. What I am concerned about is the location of the third gas expo. Once it is being mined troops crossing from one ramp to the other are going to go right through the worker lines. It may not be a problem but I don't know.
yeah it's in the way ._.

overall map felt ok, only got one bad game on it though ._.

--aYa.Amethyst vs nB.Crackling(1on1, 1.15)

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