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Last update for (2)Square : 2008, 04, 03 03:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2844 (2)Square 128*96ptar0.8betaground

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 42 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

So, again a map of mine. After some inactivity i'm back with this one. As you can see it's not finished, but before i'll make the rest i wanted to asked you for balance problems or any other problems you can see.
Also i wanted to ask, if i should add a neutral building at the path in the middle. (GMCS)
So, lets hear your suggestions !!! :)
Terran seems to be able to get 3 expansions easily; the opening towards the middle should be wider imo.
- move main, maybe to get closer expand and distances atm are kinda long imo(look GMC)
- make middle unbuildable
- wider ramp at 6 and 12
- make the high platform in middle as a square maybe ;)

and btw dont add neutral buildings it would spoil so much :)
modified by MorroW
-move main, maybe to get closer expand and distances atm are kinda long imo(look GMC)

Ok, i will do it :)

- make middle unbuildable

Of course, i just wanted to get some ideas first :)

- wider ramp at 6 and 12


- make the high platform in middle as a square maybe ;)

I'll go and try some random stuff, maybe this too.

modified by ptar
awesome design! suggestion: make the middle unbuildable and remove the middle high platform
so i made GMC where ramp should be wider 6 and 12 means 6 o clock and 12 o clock if u imagine map was a clock :)

also maybe make it 7 mineral in the min-only?

i like this map
I like the map. Nasty's suggestions are good, though you don't have to remove the middle platform thing.

I wouldn't be opposed to a min block on the ramp closest to your nat to the 3rd base, or a neutral; preferably a min block I guess. imo not required.

There are a great many possible gameplay issues from the linear distances and easy-to-grab expo layout, though imo it should be fine. Testing will tell.
OK map, most major issues about it have been mentioned, some of your ramps do not blend in well with the adjacent high ground.
most major issue -> can drop tank in a hole behind reds main
Your mom doesn't blend well with the adjacent highground, and can have a tank dropped in her hole behind her red main :O
Neither does mine. :(
Updated the map a lil bit. More updates will come :)
reminds me a little bit of Blue Storm, although the middle is much more accesible and you won't be able to protect your main from the high ground too easily.
Blue Storm plays very different xD
Hey, thx for playing. :)
nice replay
hey ptar! please finishi it!
it may become motm, northeast is unfinished, add the doodads at the tigh path and look, northeast main is tankable from low ground :(
move it a little, like you can see the small piece of plating at southwest, move the northeast start location
Yeah, hopefully I'll finish this. The biggest problem are the ramps. The two big ramps aren't the same size and the ramp @ 4 o'clock is broken xD
yeah the ramps have some wrong copy/paste tiles xD
also there are few wrong doodads at northwest minonly, your doodads are stacked, please remove the stacked doodads. (just ctrl+D and then Ctrl+A to find it)
Nice pvt added, it felt epic, dunno how it watches. It shows that the block in the middle needs to go, middle is too tight elsewise, and it becomes difficult to attack the lowground expo.


--aYa.Amethyst vs NastyMarine(1on1, 1.15)
--TSL-Nightmarjo vs TSL-Crackling(1on1, 1.15)

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