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Last update for (2)NekromantiK : 2008, 03, 14 13:12
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2842 (2)NekromantiK 128*128Lancet1.7finalground

The map has been rated 79 times and got a total of 133 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

This map is simply very good-looking. I love the way the ramps look overgrown, the overall map layout, and the decorations. Very well done aesthetically, I'll have to get back to you on playability. :D
Maybe good looking but not playable. Gas issues and those "buildings" are stupid. I don't like badlands buildings either.
well, the expos at 3 and 9 should get a lil bit more space for defence.
also, what is this big amount of raised jungle, in the corners, for?!
to place tanks there or build cans and so on...boah theres enough space..
Map looks nice!
Raised jungle = tank niche?

Maybe there should be a small min-only or something.

lol, just noticed the skull in the middle. :P
modified by Rye
wow nice looks :)

can be a lot of potential here if you update it (for better gameplay); the middle looks in my opinion a bit uninteresting (except the skull :P)

those buildings are not stupid, at least they add something new...
lol you know this is lancet
it has lancet pics, it has lancet mineral formations at nats.

it has the lancet style and if you write L-A-N-C-E-T in from end to begining you get T-E-C-N-A-L

lol i'll be the gubtset xD
looks like some pretty boring gameplay. spend less time on making it look pretty and more time on making a good map
use ugbtset because p4vr always typos your name testgbu, it'll be harder to guess that way too.

I more or less agree with losttampon here.
Anyone play on this map yet?
good job lancet, maybe need something extra to middle and more expands?, something in thw water etc , also pretty boring gameplay i agree
modified by MorroW
hm maybe you can use highground/stairs instead of the plain middle with these nice temple walls?
Man, testbug is on to me! LOL! But if anyone had bothered to download the map, the map description says "Made by Lancet".

Some things, the ramps as well as the idea to turn temple rooftops into high ground and some of the tiles to do that are from Tesbug's MOTM map "Endless Fields".

Map concept inspired by Jorg Buttgereit's legendary film "Nekromantik" (read map description).

OK, so now to the map. Since terran can wall in with only one barrack (only lings can get through) and since the nat is very defensible by tanks I wanted to have a large middle with lots of flanking room. It's not terrible as many maps have it and those side corridors also make it interesting, not boring.

However, I take it that you guys would like me to do something with the middle. Following Lost Tampon's suggestion what I could do is extend the temple structures at 3 and 9 to cover all the center making it high ground.

Also I don't know what to do with the high raised jungle NW and SE. I thought about placing an expo there but it feels awkward to have all those resources concentrated on one side of the map.

But somehow I have to keep the skull, that is a high priority, this map would be nothing without that skull.
I like this map. It's pretty and plays well. :D
It plays... well? lol o rly
It should.
epic joke lancet
Your pictures always look pretty crappy. And ingame the map is looking even worse xD
And it plays very bad, sry but this map isn't good at all.
I'm beginning to feel that there's something wrong with my opinion... >_>
I think so too ^^
Because I appear to be the only one liking this map. The majority is always sane. Thus, insanity invalidates my opinion. :(
Rye do not hold an opinion because others think it is the right one. Hold an opinion because you believe in it and are prepared to defend it and explain why. Don't just show up at a map thread and post something like "this map sucks", you should not do that, it is poison to mappers and to this web-site. Should should say this map is not good because of A, B and C and this is what you can do to improve it.

And in case you decide to go with the pack, remember that some of the most popular if not the best maps that have ever been made in Starcraft would have gotten hammered here.
modified by Lancet
As to this map, shit man, it took me a long time to make and I went through many versions of it taking into account many aspects of race and positional balance. If you don't see it, well I'm sorry.

However, I am willing to to accept non-destructive criticism, especially from people that have the intelectual capacity to write a full sentence or (gasp) two, who bother to make suggestions to improve maps and who are willing to recognize hard work and see effort and potential where others just see crap.

So that narrows it down to comments regarding the center, some feel I could make it more interesting and I agree and will get to work on that as soon as I don't have to waste my time setting things right.

: ^ (

modified by Lancet
I was kidding about the insanity bit. I really do like this map a lot. It looks great, I appreciate how much effort you've put into it, and I've played a couple of games with my friends, who also enjoy it. I don't know why everyone else doesn't like it.

Why do I like it?

-Overall, the map just hit me in the face and said "PLAY ME YOU BITCH"
-I really, really like those ramps
-The plants hanging around the nats looks neat, too
-The skull, who doesn't like the skull?
-I kind of like the pic. It reminds me of WCII. :O
-This is overall a straightforward map gameplay wise. The mains aren't too close, aren't too far, there's plenty of resources, enough room to maneuver, and personally I don't like walling anyway.

That's why I like this map. Check out the replay, too.
deco is also really cool
Thanks for the rep!

The plants hanging around the nats are not only decorational, they are there for two additional purposes. One is to hide some corners that cannot be made to come together very well and two, to hide a little moving piece of water in one of the bridge tiles that I used (I also used some other sprites to achieve this). Testbug also had this problem in his map Endless Fields (check this map also, it is very good).
modified by Lancet
god bless sprites ;), ive made a whole map of this bridge style 2v2 and it just looks so funny ^^ tho i didnt put sprites
OK, how about this for the center (it's not finished yet)? Would that be more interesting? I am also planning to place some high temples in the high central area.
i think the middle is good as it is now xD
It looks good with just the skull, but maybe the second vers would be cool as well. I'd have to play it first, though,
I like that it has a pretty unique look. Probably those terrain blends look not very good ingame, but I still like your style. I don't want to comment on gameplay, as I don't consider myself an SC player anymore ;D

Woah... or not... some kind of error...

Nvm, it was a problem with the .rep name. :P
modified by Rye
OK thanks, I will work on finishing it.
Free Image Hosting at

Maybe something on the left and right of the skulls. Perhaps one of those tall buildings, except room for a tank? Just throwing a suggestion out there.
this map simply looks sexy. will try if it nice to play 2. good job
What is those grey things? ;/
ya oO
wtf are those?! lol
..... he will remove the grey later on i guess, its not really finnished
If you read the above posts, he says so... :/
I uploaded the edits and the new pic.
modified by Lancet
OK, if you won't comment the edits you guys requested then comment this, LOL!

modified by Lancet
this maps is beautifully decorated. Why did you waste all this work on a fairly boring concept? :(
Beautiful. The map is pretty, too (not the middle, you got lazy there (I don't mean the skull)).
so "i don't mean the skull" is the atribute that gets in the "not the middle, you fot lazy there()" function...

being "too()" a recursive function who feeds from "not the middle, you got laxy there()" ??

you need a 'base case' in a recursive function to work, so... nightmarjo! i'm sorry!
Well, I did edit the center and now it is probably less "boring". But what the heck? Many maps have low ground open centers and high ground open centers and they are not boring.

The center here is high ground and its domination is important not just because of the two expos there but because the third gas expo on low ground is very vulnerable. What makes it hard to dominate the center are the 3 wide access ramps.

The nat despite the double choke is very defensible and so is the minonly next to it. The problem here is third gas. I think the true "charm" behind the design of this map only emerges when the players survive each other past the first expo.
yo, might just be me.. but why wouldnt u take out 1 of the ramps, make the 2 others a lil bigger, and add an expo in the waters close to mains?

(like for red: take out the top right biggy ramp and place an expo in the water there, not touching main tho, and maybe extend the middle ramp?
really cool map tho lancet :p
OK, I edited some minor things and edded extra doodads and sprites. Hey by the way, this is my thirtieth map here!

: ^ )
modified by Lancet
Final version owns, good work, Lancet!

--Mj_is_ugly vs Rye(1on1, 1.15)
--Mj_is_ugly vs juniorthedutch(1on1, 1.15)
--Rye vs Mj_is_ugly(1on1, 1.15)
--Rye vs JohnPetrucci(1on1, 1.15)

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