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Last update for (2)Dying Degree : 2008, 07, 11 14:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
528 (2)Dying Degree 64*128boongee0.9final

The map has been rated 71 times and got a total of 62 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

meh. first map in a while. it's pretty weird but I think I like it. uhh... yeah. it might need some more expos.
Hm, I think this map could favor p a lot in PVZ.
But disfavor it in PVT...
PvT ... I think more routes are needed for Protoss to get rid of massive Terran mechanics, though it'd not be easy due to the map size...Considering the map's size, the expansions are distributed very efficiently, I think.
a skyroad feeling to it

Well the gameplay will be pretty one-dimensional. Can still be fun, but raid assault is better :D
I revived this because I've had games played on this map recently and I wanted to bring a bit more discussion on it.

it's my favorite map that I've made because it's very unique and interesting, but still is really easy to learn and play. I want to promote this map, and possibly try to get it as one of the maps in PGT season 7. yes, seriously, although some of you may think that's a little too ambitious for such an unorthodox map, I think its unorthodoxness is what makes it worth playing - but it's still not annoying to play like a lot of these 2-player type of maps are (raid assault, etc)

furthermore, about its balance, I found out in a PvT today that the map doesn't favor terran too heavily, if at all. firstly, the mains are lowground and the naturals are rather exposed, making early-game PvT in P's favor. once the terran gets a bunch of tanks out, the momentum shifts greatly in terran's favor but it doesn't have to end there. Carriers are insanely powerful here. there's an island which has double gas that can be defended by carriers, making it impossible for terran to actually take that expo out while the carriers are alive. goliaths have a tough time maneuvering, so actually, the best solution to defeat carriers for terran are wraiths, but that's not very strong overall. I have a replay demonstrating what I mean, however one of the players didn't want me to post it -_-

I'm more worried about PvZ, as P can do a fast expo to island to carrier type strategy, which I don't know how it could be beaten. possibly by mass hydra, but throw some reavers in there somewhere... oh well. no one cares if P owns Z, that will actually get the map some positive reviews XD

I think I had some other stuff to say but I forgot. any thoughts/encouragement? :)
and also I don't think the gameplay is that one-dimensional at all

almost all of the games I've seen or played on this map had some sort of proxy or cheese or something. I'm not really sure why though, just try the map and you'll see that it's actually pretty fun
well I definetly like that map very much
but you already touched the problem: the landway-structure is incredible good for terran once T has survived early game.
safe natural, which even backs up 2nd base, isle with _2_ gas that can be cliffed by terran and defended as well very easily with 7turret/tank against everything but carriers. then another gas-expo which has such a small entrance so you can build 1-2 depots in the choke and put tanks behind.

of course carriers are strong- but they are only strong as long as the terran doesn't have the appropriate counterforce. and as protoss can't do ANYTHING in mid-to-lategame by ground, he is FORCED to go air. which means that terran will be prepared. and until protoss can build carriers constantly, there is much time to wait, which terran will use for safing his expos and teching to the carr-counter, whcih is more cost effective.

but i like this map nevertheless, although it's NOT balanced in pvt
you're definitely right about the right-side expos, I'll probably widen the entrance because it helps both ZvP and PvT

carriers are always strong on this map though, even when they have a lot of goliaths, simply because the land routes to the bases are a lot further than the air routes are. goliaths have to do a shitload of running around to catch up to the carriers, moreso than most maps.

you're also assuming that the metagame gets far enough that terran knows toss is going for carriers. that will happen if I get it played though. but in my defense, uh... toss can go arbiters, too!

I do know it's imbalanced in PvT, but my point is that it's not as bad as everyone thinks.
Hmm, I like the layout a lot. I think it could be improved more easily if it was 96x128, but this is do-able as well. I think if you make the double gas expo into another flanking route like you have on 3 o'clock, and then put a expo on the right side, that'd move it around a little bit. That way, Terran couldn't tank the expo from one of his expos as easily. This would also improve flanking room and routes a little bit.

I know you don't want to, and it is a big part of the map, but the mains seem pretty small to me, and you could make them bigger if they were high ground instead. That way, you wouldn't have to have the buffer zone around the outside. Either that or put thin walls along there so you have to have air vision to shoot into the base?

Still, the layout is original, and really nice.
high-ground mains would just make the corridor into the natural impossible to penetrate when terran tanks it up
i dont understand really the carrier thing behind this. once you stop concentrating your efforts on ground, and the terran scans your air attempts, you thinks hes just gonna sit in his base and let you get this stuff ?
I don't think you'll be maxing on this map - so you won't really have to stop your ground-force efforts.

of course we're just theorycrafting here, though. inept, you said you're a C/B player, right? it would be great if you would do a few test games with your training buddies. you don't have to, but it sure would be nice to test this map at a higher level of play than what I'm at (D/D+)
yea sure, ill dl it. (btw since you are a decent mapmaker i really need help on my map emergency i have no idea how to fix a position balance)

ill put up a rep if i can talk them into it :P
i never saw a problem with this map, and the format is great imo.

id only wish a second ramp up on the hills behind exp so there is a gaema feeling to it
nice one
I agree on T>P but the map looks not bad
Uh oh, balance stats from the prophet Morrow, all bow before his glory!

I don't know about t>p because it's so hard for terran to take and hold his nat.

That double gas island screams carriers.
it never screams carrier at such a small map

the island is even tankable omg
modified by MorroW
Proxygate? :B
200/200 probe attack
proxynexus+mass probes

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