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Last update for (4)Darkness3.03 : 2016, 04, 23 10:46
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4820 (4)Darkness3.03 128*128Single(Nemec)0.1finalground

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Simple, yet effective.
I think I would give more room to the ridges to the centre by extending them towards the edges. Could move the 3/9 o'clock expansions closer to the edge as well.

Is this Single-/TwoS?
you have a good idea.
i will modify. this map.
imo, 3rd gas multi ridges is not good choice
its changed 2 short bridge. because, if center ridges expanded,3rd gas multi harder defence.
and, protoss can defence vulture.

yeah, i used nickname before single,twos..
recently, i belong to the army until 2015.12.
in the meantike, korean mapsite is dead. T.T

I am glad that any people remember me.
also, somebody people like StarCraft melee maps until now.

i have other different maps .
But, that explain is difficult to translate.

if you wanna see map image.
۸ menu.
modified by twos
Hello. I like the update.
I think it is a bit too hard for Terran to take a 3rd base vs Protoss.

Maybe something like this? Just an idea:
I honestly do not see the alleged hard third.
I have not yet tested in Terran vs Protoss.

Players are issued a different opinion.
So I will be watching this issue.

Protoss feel the burden in the horizontal direction.(11-1,5-7)

If I make a wall that poit,
i should made Neutral buildings.(power generator)
modified by TwoS
Why did you change the look of the bridges? Now they look boring. Or are they buildable now?
modified by Freakling
Just beauty?
Changed for users(to easier find lurker for)

I don't want to feel uncomfortable with playing this map.

It dosen't buildable too.
That was a big update! Reworked the nats, the 3/9 o clock, the ridges, the middle, the 3rds, and the path from the nat to the 3rd, and more.

The naturals are much better shaped now. Personally I dont really like the thin cliffs but thats just me. I dont like the mineral formations at the nats or 3rds very much. If they were a bit more spread out that would be good.

You have put unwalkable doodads on the path to the 3rds (the 4 black rectangles).It makes things better for TvP, good.

You could move the main ramp a tiny bit and give slightly more buildable space in the main.

Here is a picture showing nat mineral formation, main ramp moved, and path to 3rd changed. I really think just 1 bridge into the 3rd base is better gameplay, so that workers can retreat etc:

modified by CardinalAllin
I must say, I don't like thin cliffs at all. They just don't look good, and any issues they might solve is either not really worth it or could be solved better another way.
1. minerals formations (nat, 3rd exp)
Before you agree with. But a place that looks has opened a problem.
(Terran : 11'o clock nat, 1'o clock nat)
i set minerals that remove differences other nats.(gathering)

2. thin cliff, ramp

11 o clock

7 o clock

its made differance.
I made a nat too tight. This is because the tank is also an issue with the 3/9 o'clock.

In addition to all that was going to fix minor problems.

There were other questions,
That information is 11,1 o'clock puts more of a hill than 5,7 o clock.
(In fact there is a difference 1grid.)

3. main, more buildable space
you're right. I missed that part.

4. 3rd exp bridge
TvZ :
Terrans are the three spheres of influence compared to the starting point in the tank.
This is part of the Zerg felt very frustrated.

so that workers can retreat etc
-> The direction of the bridge will fix.
(maybe vertical, i don't want Placing a base direction.)
It is not my fault that thin cliff bad details.
I'll try harder.
modified by TwoS
I am not quite sure what you actually tried to achieve with the thin cliffs, but maybe this could be a useful alternative:
i want to maintain current map status.
because, it did not occur serious issue.

i will see next.
modified by TwoS

Freakling, CardinalAllin
please read me.
Are you saying you want to submit this map to iCCup to try and get it onto the iCCup ladder?

I think this map has a great chance at getting onto the ladder, when its ready. I dont think its quite ready yet.

If you make the changes I suggested in my picture above, that would probably be a good first step.
Then after that the map needs to have the mineral and gas mining tested decently.

Note I do not personally have the power to say if this map will or wont ever get onto the ladder. But I do like this map so far.
Other maps also fine.
like vitriol, the invader

and, it already tested to mine decently.
modified by TwoS

--BronzePark vs Hub9(1on1, 1.16)
--p1 vs p2(1on1, 1.16)

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