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Last update for (2)Lex Talionis : 2008, 06, 21 10:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2881 (2)Lex Talionis 128*128guess-me0.1betaground

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

first map in 2.5 years, dont be too harsh! :)
Natural looks hard to defend. The high ground at 9 and 3 is too easy to defend giving u 2 free espos. The mains look too plain. Can't really find anything else.
guess ur right about the deco in main, anyway this is something
The mains are kind of annoying (layout/structure).

Outside of that there isn't much I can say for sure about the map because it has such weird gameplay.
I'd move blue's nat closer to his ramp if you're going to skip out on a choke. Red's ramp needs to be inverted, or moved so that the minerals are right beside the ramp, with the gas on the right.

gas issue, blue's geyser will mine slower than red's, if you move blue's geyser to the same position red's in you're good, or you can place it directly above the sl.

I don't care for the expos behind the main, I think they're too easily defended. I think you should leave them be, and move the mains towards the center, that way the mains are closer to the min onlys and the expo behind the mains is more accessible

Dunno, the space feels kind of wasted. The plateaus with the gas expos are kind of huge, and unaccessible (just one ramp for that huge space?).

The plateau behind red's nat has a lot more space than that behind blue's nat.

Red's main looks bigger? It has a nicer shape at anyrate.
You should download the newest version of scmdraft and use its symmetry tool, the map would be less messy if you did that. Also you can use copy/paste to paste in inverted ramps.

The sls could be moved so that there's more space around the formations, in the mains.

I have no idea how the cliffs behind the nats will playout. Might play nicely, could play horribly, dunno. Seems kind of hard to respond to, but I guess if you're expecting it than it shouldn't be too hard to stop. The problem imo is that the ramp is just soooooo far from the player.

Decoration isn't really that important, but it could look nicer :)
You know what? This guess who stuff is starting to get annoying.
I think it's pretty much self-explanatory, no?
explanatory was not found in eng>swe wordlist
Yeah, ramps should be closer to the nat's minerals or zerg's bases will not be quite as connected. The nats look a bit expossed maybe make the choke smaller, some neutrals or water or high ground? Can terran wall in? Great name and theme for the map though.
modified by Lancet
explanatory = serving or intending to explain
self-explanatory = it explains itself
Bit of wasted space on the expos, like Nightmarjoo said. Actually, a lot of wasted space. I like the little "niches" in range of the nats. You could sneak an scv/probe by and set up a bunker/photon network right on top of them! :D

Though, something looks funny with red's ramp. To get up blue's, you have to come into his nat's line of sight, while with red's, you can skirt around it and come up without anyone noticing. Mb make an inverted ramp at blue's, or at red's to make it similar. It's a minor thing, maybe doesn't make any difference whatsoever, but I felt like mentioning it.

Good work. :)
thanks for your comments everyone, i changed quite many things and will in a moment upload the updated v.

i moved the mains away from the corner expos a bit.
fixed some with the natruals (esp blue)
moved one of the mineral blocks a bit, sat in a wrong pos.
changed the layout (is it better now?)
changed main mineral positioning
i fixed blues nat cliff so it looks like red
generelly i tried to listen to ur comments, please say if i interpreted them in a wrong way :)
oh, and my picture is really bad, i duno why it turns out like that...
oh btw.. im not listoric
who are you T_T
whose map was this?????

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