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Last update for (4)Flicker 1.1 : 2008, 05, 04 14:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2963 (4)Flicker 1.1 128*128ssepirass0.5finalground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 25 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

aha?! oo
Image plzkthx :P
modified by GRC-DeathLink
Updated the map informations :)
Say hi to our newest Nazi map!
hi !
u will need 300 apm to play at this map ^^

i think there are too many expands, u should remove 12,6,3,9

wont there be some serious pathing issues?
modified by MorroW
isn't this a really old promap?

or wasn't there at least one looking nearly the same?! ..
well, without ramp and stuff...

but the ways on bottom and then shit on top.
this one?
Johnny B.Goode
For sure it is a Neo Blaze clone.Everywhere to tight and too nmuch resources.Zerg would be very weak
lol i also saw (4)Neo Blaze here but this is not a terran map, the center tightness was countered with a wide choke, so terran can't go fast Tank+vulture push, and both: mains and nats are vulnerable from the other side of the mineral fields :O
i know jhonny B.Goode has more experience than me, but zeg can earn lots of secret expos really far away from his oponent, while protoss can't FE with photon cannons because main will he hydrable.
i like this map.
Johnny B.Goode
Hey,no need to be sarcastic ok?Why for you terran has to go metal?M&M+1tank and as zerg you are in big trouble.The main is nearly 100% tankable around,and the ramp on the nat is blocked by minerals.So in the early game you sit in this valley and if you want to expand you have to go the way over the middle.And even later in the game the ramps in the middle wouldnt allow zerg a good units movement because they are simply too tight.
btw... gas issue :)
Oh, look! Here's comes all the bs about swastikas!
me sarcastic?
sorry i wasn't talking about TvZ, yeah, tankable main an tankable nat, no matter how wide is the choke. but please, suggest a ZvT solution.
if you read my comment,i was trying to say that protoss can't FE vs zerg that easy.

another problem i find now is the cannon rush at the highground :P but i'm amazed how a tigh center likt HitchHicher is not terran-auto-win anymore, terran can't wallin.
and if terran tries to wall at nat, dragoons can shoot from the highground like in new dessert pro map (4)Colloseum.
oh and expos in center ca be attacked from red and teal main, but not from purple and blue
Well, at least the ramp at the nat should be open. You would need quite some scouting to be able to move your units up the cliff in time, but at least it would be possible then.
oh i like this alot
I like the map, great concept! I am concerned though that there will be a lot of pathing issues during the course of a game, this will need to be tested. In the map description the author does state this is a remake of Blaze.
hard map
yep, spinesheath, exactly that one;o
올 한국맵 반갑습니당........

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