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Last update for (3)TripleFlow : 2008, 05, 21 16:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3002 (3)TripleFlow 128*128Kebee, M#, DoTMatriX0.1betaground

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

Combination of Kebee & Mapghost & DoTMatriX.

8M 1G Starts
7M 1G Front Yard
6M 0G 3rd Own Place
7M 1G Neutral Place

It has Asymmetry Battleground but it has Symmetry Mineral & Gas Position.(But it's Not Absolute symmetry. It is relative symmetry)

Tankhole will be deleted next version.
modified by Mapghost
This is very interesting but looks a bit tight and may favor terran. Third gas for teal looks easier than third gas for blue or red.
3 o'clock multy is too near to 3 o'clock minonly, a player there will just have 14 free mineral fields.

you should remove those expos and just place ONLY 1 multy exactly at 3 o'clock.

imagine a blue vs red match, Red has a minonly and those 2 expos just behind the bridge, while blue will need to go to the southwest corner for a 3rd gass.

Red vs Blue would be the most imbalanced match, being blue near to teal.
No one complain about place imbalance. Think about MongHwan. it has perfect imbalance but players don't complain that.

although this map has small imbalance, it's no matter in real gameplay.

Just My opinion..
The map looks really tight, very hard to flank imo.
added some GMC's
pretty cool looking map :)
mains look kinda akward or maybe its just me
map balance is fine, i like this kind of maps.
but a player at 3 o'clock will earn 14 mineral fields.

i think there should be ONLY ONE expo
MorroW//Thank you very much. I will reflect them.

Testbug//what does "a player at 3 o'clock" mean..? I can't understand that.. Could you explain what does it mean?
a player at 3 o'clock aka blue :P
blue is at 9 morrow
rofl my bad
Mapghost, we ussualy talk about maps as if maps were a clock. 12 o'clock is the northern position, 6 o'clock is the southern.
there are 2 expos at 3 o'clock (east) so when a player takes those expos, just have to deffend a little to earn 14 mineral fields.
I guess digital clocks are not that useful beyond showing the time, LOL!

North or top: 12 o'clock
East or right: 3 o'clock
South or bottom: 6 o'clock
West or left: 9 o'clock
Testbug, Lancet//

Yes I already know. We use the same things but this map has no 3 position starts :D

He called blue starts 3. but blue is 9 :)
we don't use the clock only for start locations, we use the clock to talk about a place in the mp.
i mean that in a blue vs red match:
blue will have to go down to the southwest 3rd gass while red has TWO expos at 3 o'clock, and it's near to teal's nat.

I already know about using clock..

althogh 7 expo is very far as using ground route, but air route is very short. and because 7 expo is very far from every starts, it is very safe. you can defence it very easliy (but 12 and 3 expo is not)

it is imbalance thing, but it make game more fun.

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