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Last update for (2)Radiance 1.2 : 2008, 06, 19 11:01
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3015 (2)Radiance 1.2 128*96Nightmarjoo0.4betaground

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 23 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

isnt this a remake? Youve shown me this map before
lol I actually made this map entirely today (5/23/08). It's probably similar to other maps of mine because my style and influences are the same, but it's a completely different map =/
seems rather ok, gj :)
isnt red closer to the edge compared to blue?
too simple and plain.why you don't work more on your maps for sake? what's so cool uploading a 1 day map?you still need to develop an appetite for niceness,for the small things.on all your maps i have the feeling you work with the wrecking ball instead of the scalpel.not even the raw concept is really elaborated - or you wanna call this a middle?

is this a deco? :P

btw,for what purpose is good on that expo a 2 gas placement?it's just weird - like masturbation with 2 hands;blatant nonsense.'cause the map has already enough gas/ressources
What's wrong with the middle? It's a tight path like on loki, bluestorm, blitzx, baekdu, etc. Forces players to use the sides and preventing the map from being too linear.

The decoration is lacking sure, but I wanted to upload the map. That's why it's called a "beta" version, it's obviously not finished, but it is playable.

The double gas expo is important because the only other gas outside of the safe nats, is in the middle of the map. It's nearby sure, but it's out in the open, it's vulnerable. These expos, are tighter and more defensible, but they are much farther. To complement that more, they are very strategically important in that they have 2 geysers.

The map definitely doesn't have enough expos without it though. If anything, the map is a bit poor even with it. Also, the expo further reduces lineararity, and I think helps protoss against terran.
Ok, edited.

Redid 12/6, longinus style. The geysers are now 2500.
Removed some tar from middle.
Modified decoration and added crags to remove buildable ground (much of it is still buildable).
Added a 1000 gas geyser to the 3rd base, and drastically reduced its mineral count: 2 are 452, 2 are 552, and 2 are 752.
Fixed blue's minerals (they were a tile too close to the edge).
Mass gas.
Bunsen Honeydew
I like the map. I think you should consider removing the second nat though. Otherwise TvP will favour the almighty turtles to much (and I dont see this affecting the other matchups to much).

The double gas expo helps protoss a lot, so I don't think terran is at all favoured here. Without the 3rd base, tvp would be nearly impossible. And it has only 1000 gas and 6 mineral blocks all with greatly reduced mineral counts, it's not going to last long anyway, just function as a stepping stone.

Jamssi the map has three full geysers, two half geysers, and one 1000 gas (1/5th full) geyser per player. Compare this to, baekdu, which has five full geysers per player. Or loki2 which has five full geysers and one 1000 gas geyser, per player. Or Python, which has ten full geysers, which you could say is five per player. Bluestorm has four full geysers per player. My map actually has relatively little gas.
Bunsen Honeydew
I like the double gas expo - I think it adds a little flavour to the map. I dont see it help Protoss that much though.

The problem is that a three gas terran is scary, when he can push fast (as is the case on this map). In addition Terran dont have to waste a lot of time securing his main and nat in the beginning, and thus he can get that third gas (even fourth) in a hurry. If the second nat was removed, Terran would have to work harder. It doesn't help that Terran can use the rather tight nat entrance, the cliff formation, and the second nat mineral line as cover for tanks, when he wants to secure the second and third nat. I took a look at the replay and it is a decent example of my point of view.

Instead of removing it ( I can hear you are not eager to do that :D ), maybe you could put that second nat on the other side (towards the center)? Just an idea...


Well I think the double gas expo helps protoss a lot because he can take it anytime, whereas terran cannot safely push to it. He'd spread his army out thin if he tried to. Protoss has a lot of mobility on the map if he uses the dual path system right, and terran just doesn't have that mobility.

The replay is a bad example imo, because my friend sucked really bad in that game lol.

I think that without that expo it would be impossible for terran to effectively push out to another expo, with protoss crushing terran in a big flank.
The expo itself is very poor as I said and won't last long, so I don't think it's as significant as you make it out to be.

The map though definitely needs testing and tweaking still.
Fixed the 3rd bases' geysers which belonged to player 1 and thus didn't appear.

--kSa.Pollen vs 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8(1on1, 1.15)
--Crackling vs Nightmarjoo(1on1, 1.15)

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