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Last update for (2)3nim0 : 2009, 01, 04 00:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3065 (2)3nim0 128*96ptar / jul13n0.3betaground

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)


hey all, i got this concept from the famous mapper ptar ^^
He also helped me alot, while i was making this map, with balance and decoration.
Any things i could improve?

PS: How can i display the picture of the concept? I'm not good at something like this ^^
modified by jul13n
add a mineral in the main

remove those unwalkable doodads in the paths of middle

all bridges in middle should be slightly wider

gj map :)
Tanks = all

Nah, i'm not famous xD. Think you made a good job on this map.
Now i have to think about a new concept for MY next map ;).

Oh, you have some unwalkable tiles in your ramps, pls fix them.
modified by ptar
Why should I add a mineral in the main?

"Tanks = all" What do you mean?

I can't see unwakable tiles in my ramps ^^. Maybe you'll point them out more clearly ? ^^
I mean map looks pretty tight, so tanks will own.
jul13n, all new maps got 9 minerals in mains, go with the flo~~
The map isn't tight at all. There is so much flanking room, that you need alot of tanks to secure 3 chokes at one time -.-
Morrow, that's the worst possible reason to to something.

The amount of minerals in the mains is a factor to map balance and gameplay. These shoud be the reasons to put more or less minerals in the mains.

Btw, Hannibal has 14 minerals, that wierd kor map (dunno the name) has like 20 minerals in 2 rows, but some of the minerals are mined up fairly soon.
So the amount of minerals is ok?

I changed the ramps and i don't know if i should add some neutral buildings on the custom bridges (GMCS). ^^
Yes, the amount of minerals is totally ok :)
Overall I like the map a lot. The map looks tight to me too, and I'm not sure the many alternate paths will help much come lategame. I'd be willing to test the map with anyone who wants to.
So, i added ptar as an author, because he did alot of work with this map. He made the map as it is now.
And as i can see, others put two names in the "author" slot too, like Testbug and Crackling. ^^
And what about the neutral buildings i pointed out in the GMCS?
modified by jul13n
very stylish. You should move the main minearls away from tank range alil bit more imo.
Spinesheath, the map is called Baekmagoji, I believe, the weird kor map.
Something like that, yeah.
I don't know about balance, but I played an absolutely epic pvp on the map. 40 minute long, really really close. Actually worth seeing, unlike 99% of the reps on the site lol.

Everyone go download and watch it!
northeast and southwest multies are too close to the minonlies, northeast and southwest is wasted because of the space, what about making those expos lowground, near the edfe of the maps at the corners with a zerg friendly ramp?
I thought the expo layout was ok, but it was just a pvp where a lot of stuff doesn't matter that much =/

The nat bridges were really annoying.

The weird bridges at 12/6 are really ugly.

I think the map'll turn out t>p, p>z, but I don't know about zvt. The expo layout is both friendly and hard on zerg. The structure is both friendly and hard on zerg as well. Flanks'll be hard, but lurkers and defilers will be really strong, so I dunno.
When reviewing the map for posting the MOTM thread, it occured to me that a couple simple changes would help the map a LOT.

Move the corner gas expo more into the corner. Give it and the min only a reasonably large overseeing cliff directly overseeing the mineral formations.
Increase the lowground into the area the gas expo previously occupied, such that the gas expo remains the same size as presently.
Make the choke a little smaller between the min only and gas expo.
And I dunno, change the nat choke stuff. I don't know what to.
that's what i sayd, to make the corner expos in the edge, but in low ground, with a zerg friendly ramp.
I asked jul13n and he said i can do with the map whatever i want. So i'll remake it.
Just wait some days. (or weeks) xD
So while i was working on this map, my scmdraft crashes every now and then and it's very annoying.
I got a new PC with Vista on it and i dunno if that matters.

That sucks!
Don't use vista. It sucks.
Vista sucks, but it can still perform easy tasks like running ScmDraft.

*Thing to watch out for if you have Vista: If you've corrected the colors in Starcraft by making it run on minimum requirements via Starcraft properties, then make sure you DO NOT have Starcraft and ScmDraft running at the same time. The reason is that if you zoom out by 33%, then Scmdraft will crash and you will lose whatever you were working on, unless you saved it. Be careful!

--By.Alice vs ASK-_-KEY(1on1, 1.15)

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