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Last update for (2)Salomev2 : 2009, 02, 04 07:06
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3096 (2)Salomev2 128*128Nureru0.2betaground

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 10 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Originally intended on just throwing a map together, wound up spending a bit more time on it than I expected. Double gas expo has 3000 in each geyser. Expos on the far right have 1000 in the minerals. Still working on removing all the tank holes between the bases, and the deco I just slapped together for now.

It's currently untested, as per usual :(
looks pretty cool, mains maybe akward i dont know
Looks pretty easy to push a worker through the mineral lines to get to the corner expo. It looks like scouting will be pretty important for the map. The natural looks kind of open too.
I've been wondering if I should make the natural tighter and not make those expos block access to the corner. What do you guys think?
Yeah, natural should be tighter.
Altered the shape of the nats some. They're a bit farther back now, and there's a choke going out of the nat. Still not sure on having the path behind blocked off by the mins.
Fixed a couple of glitches I hadn't noticed before. Zerglings could run past the nat, and terran couldn't build an addon to the command center.
Get inverted ramps from (4)Voices.

Close air distance is really annoying. It makes gameplay very drop/harass oriented, which is really hard on t in tvp, z in zvt, and z first p later zvp.

The mains are kind of awkward, but fine imo.

3rd gas is kind of hard to get to, so it's hard to back and forth from and to it.

The basillica by the mains just shrinks the mains needlessly, I don't see what their use is. What's the point of being able to tank your own expos, while your opponent more or less can't because of the position/distance of them?

The nats are annoyingly sized/shaped. zvt will be really annoying. As terran I'd go 2rax tank every game. Or maybe 1rax vult drop on the mains while zerg is busy trying to figure out how to defend his silly nat. Basically, if you could move the nat formations much closer to the ramp it'd be fine.

The double gas expo seems... poorly placed, I dunno. I can't explain it, but it's kind of awkward in how it's just there, in media res. I think it makes pvt more interesting though, because protoss has to keep aggressive else terran can push to it and put protoss in a world of pain, whereas protoss normally can just expo all over the map and just keep terran in check with obs and stuff.

I don't like the sunken ground in the middle though, I think it hurts the battlefield and I can't see why it's useful.

Overall the map is alright. It has some interesting elements, but I think it was kind of sloppily executed, but that comes with practice so don't be discouraged.
I liked this map too much to give up on it. I mirrored the bottom half of the map, moved the naturals a bit closer to the base, was able to add in another expo due to the mirroring, and things like that.

I feel like it's a bit closer to being a good map.
I think it might favor terran too much. :B

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