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Last update for (2)PreciousGas : 2008, 07, 27 11:50
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3160 (2)PreciousGas 64*64djdolber0.1experimentalground

The map has been rated 40 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

map 3160!! woo!!
Path issue? No gas in main? You have to use like 8 workers to get fast gas. This suck.
U dont event get tanks.
gas issue
marines could snipe the gas, rendering it useless for the other player unless they secure the cliff
Guess that is the point of the map, boongee.
I think Zergs 5pool will come before Terrans first marine... Although maybe if they like... built a rax at 5, they could just put a marine behind both neutrals.
Ever played bloodbath, pt? Distances probably are a little longer here, and it seems as if you could block off your entrance very nicely with a supply and a scv or something like that.
Then destroy generator.
Send an scv there and repair it, second marine goes there too.
Carriers > all
Dark Archons > all
Nothing withstands the fury of the swarm!
beedrill > all
spinesheath, i think the power generators cost 200min/50gas

boongee that is nice thinking, but your wrong. the doodads are wide enough to block the units to attack the gas

i think this map is very interesting. first i saw it i thought it was gonna be so imba. but when i put more thought into it maybe its still kinda balanced

the entire high ground is unbuildable leaving war of ling zea marine. i do believe this map favours terran because terran will be able to 2rax and bunk up in main like on bb. then he can kill the generator and snipe the gas from behind. i do not think any race any early game can have use of the gas due its distance.
Ok right, you can't repair it unless you already have gas.
Anyways, 1-2 scvs in front and 1-2 marines in the back can hold off lings on that tight path easily.
Thanx for the comments guys! The idéa is to challenge players to make good use of the gas. As you mentioned you can wall in on one side and you are protected from the neutral on the other side.. Doodads on the highground are there to stop early marine sniping the gas.. There are also a good harras point on the high ground next to the gas if you have ranged attack.

Any idéas on how to improve it ? Maybe i should increase the size of the map to make some more room its pretty narrow and not much space to build..

Try make 96x96 or 128x128 map.
i wonder why its not more common to use regular bbuildings as neutrals... such as supplydepots and similar.. maybe it is more common than i know
i think i will try to remake this in 96x96 to make some more room for building, long distance gas mining could potentially be longer in that case, ive been thinking about shuttlemining gas but thats very bothersome... one round will give 8x8 gas at most, 64 doesnt really make it worth it...
What is your opinion about Z <<< P & T because only 1 gas ? early game the gas could be used for speedlings, hydras + range to snipe enemy gas or go for early lair-tech
Im thinking an FE into mass zerglings could be potential but there are chokes everywhere... so its up to P/T to protect the chokes really well in the beginning...
Why is the gas so far, you can't even make a building near it, it would take like 8 workers to mine optimally from your sl, and maybe 6 or so if you put a building as close as possible; just annoying.

I'd just 4pool every game as z, and worker rush with p/t, maybe with a basic unit or 2 ._.
The idea of the map is that you have to long distance mine the gas and protect your gassupply.
Mzybe the map needs even narrower chokes to deal with early rushes...
btw, kind off a nooby question, but is it possible to alter hp of neutral bbuildings or even make them invincible ?
then map must be played in use map settings
the best is just to use different neutral buildings if u want different life
I don't think the gas would be used, I think it's too impractical, and easier to just do some gasless rushy build.
If there's no gas and the game gets longer, I suspect that Terran will win with their long ranged marines and invincible scvs. Early game though, Zerglings might have an advantage unless a Protoss uses the choke well.
idk though protoss has cannons
And zlots :O
zeals suck vs. mnms as their number gets larger, that's only earlygame in few numbers that zeals win
You think there will be long games in this map?
It would be interesting to see a replay, i will try and se if i can get some games going on this map...

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