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Last update for (2)Forbidden Colours : 2007, 02, 10 13:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
318 (2)Forbidden Colours 128*128Starparty1.3final

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 84 points


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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)


All races have the same prerequisities at start. No one has to build in a special way (read wall or bunker w.e9

Limited variety in choosing units and strategies since some sort of air-unit is obligatorial.

I had this map in mind for a while.. Well not esactly thi one, but this is what came out after a bit of tweaking and rethinking. Im atleast a little bit satisfyed with the result. I just hope noone gets a headache from playing top left. :P (lower gamma perhaps)
Since it is an island map, AND it's even a SMALL island map, i decided to make the bases very open to avoid giving terran even more advantage than they might already have.
nice concept.i'm looking forward to playing this map
I love the whole white vs green theme. You need to make the center expo half green though.
I tried, but it dint look good, so i took the easy way out..
I like the designidea with half green, half white as well as the expansions. but this map just seems to be very empty, with a lot of unused space. But anyway, i like it :) And yes, top left corner may be the "hate" position in someones minds ;)
I don`t know exactly how to change the unused space. ramps and cliffs are missing, maybe you could do something about that? dunno
Its should be empty. its an air map, and a small one. If there ar eno plains you wount be able to land anywhere
imo, the big plains are cool. The actions of the players determine where the big fights will take place, there is no location that is made for this. PvT would be imbalanced if it wasn't for the island next to the players mains. They give terrans a good place to drop at.

Personally, I don't mind playing on snow. I know that there are players that do. Maybe jungle mud and jungle would have been better for those players.
The idea is to give one player (on white) a physical advantage over other as his eyes will have time to adjust to the snow, while his oppnent will be blinded at first drop/journey into the white side of the map? A headlight effect that is? Funny idea!
well, that wasnt it, but if it makes the map cooler, yeah! :P
kinda open i dont stick up for them but this time i will... terran would have a hard time stopping a big hit by lots/goons or ling/hydra/lurk block top and bottem side chokes and give them a little fighting chance this would make a hell of a pvz game...
Wow, never saw this map before. Really nice and interesting. Every expansion is tankable, but then again terran can't hide somewhere because the map is so open...
Have to play that one someday...

--LaO-Artanis vs PrOxi.Soul)iO- (EpidiOn)(1on1, 1.13)

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