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Last update for (4)Dayun si : 2008, 11, 10 21:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3235 (4)Dayun si 128*128NastyMarine0.3betaground

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Deco is still in progress.
very cool layout but I'm sick of all these macro maps

add some sort of innovation to it please, even if it's something miniscule like setting the main minerals to 1000 instead of 1500.

this goes for all maps these days really
I think that you should consider adding blocked ramps to the free expansions on the cliffs behind each main, similar to Medusa's, to provide some sort of additional cheese or expo-stealing strategy for the players. Also, I think that there should perhaps be a low-value mineral block at each of those positions, as they won't pose much of a problem for any player sending a peon there from their own main, but they will slightly delay any Terran players attempt to expand from plopping a cc down. I don't know if these are just bad suggestions, though. =( Sorry if they are~
another very nice looking map by nasty :PpPp~
the main entrance remind me about gaya's
modified by LasTCursE
Its got Gaia, its got Nostalgia.

And its got Nasty nastyness. Do want.
Make the min onlys against the edge of the cliff and thus directly cliffable like in Andromeda and I will like this map a lot. At the moment I really don't like those min onlys; since when did maps with backdoors have exciting gameplay? :(

The mains seem kind of big, with main2nat distances maybe being a little long?

Basically though, besides the min only, I really like this map.
push back the mains to push in the 4 ramp thingys. then middle enlarges alittle u should widen the ramps alittle and then push back those expoes

rotate blues and teals mineral formations like reds and purples

push back every mineral thats right to the edge of the map

at the other side of the nat from ramp push the cliffs alittle over to the water to creat overlord spot

move the start locations closer to the ramps (inspire ur self from python)

move reds nat bridge alittle more up+right, same thing at the other side of the map

add 1 mineral chunk at natural and remove 1 from minonly (tvp pvz, inspire ur self from andromeda)

do not make the minonlys tankable from downside that will creat huge positional imbalance.

good job this is a very nice map remember what i said are only suggestions what i personally would do and what i personally think would improve this map. this map is good atm but if you fix these things i will like it much more.

atm i think its t>z>p
how my fix help:
bigger middle
ove spot
worse minonly better nat

the middle expansions and the minonly is what feels akward and concirns me atm
Morrow, why not make the min onlys directly cliffable? They'd be able to be hit by even hydralisks, not just tanks if he did it the way it's done in Andromeda. Seems to me that it would help balance if you did that.

But yes, I agree with all of Morrow's suggestions and comments.
that would be cool nightmarjoo. but andromeda is X XY Y structured. this is XY rotical.

think like red vs blue, blue got much easier damaging reds minonly

it would favour z>t>p
Yeah I understand the potential rotational imbalance involved, but I think it would be ok, I dunno for sure though. As for balance, I think it'd be more like p>z t=p and z>t. Since protoss is not forced to take the min only, and everything is so stormable, while zerg is not hurt badly here, it'd be close to p=z I think, but at the highest skill level it'd probably be p>z the way katrina is. For tvp, I think they have a lot going for eachother, and if it is t>p it would be close, the way it is on Othello. For zvt, while things are not too tough on terran, overall everything is zerg favourable imo.

Personally I think gameplay/balance would be more fun with Andromeda min onlys, but the map should be still ok after Morrow's suggestions are implemented.

btw Morrow I think atm the map is t>p>z, not t>z>p. The heavy macro min only helps protoss and terran more than it helps zerg, and zerg cannot easily harass the min only imo.
"Personally I think gameplay/balance would be more fun with Andromeda min onlys, but the map should be still ok after Morrow's suggestions are implemented."

if thats the case then in PvT, if a terran is at any position and the protoss is in the adjacent counter-clockwise position then the Protoss would not be able to expo there safely (b.c it would be in range of tanks etc.) This is the problem with the rotational imbalance.
Could be a "feature" not an imbalance :)
This somehow reminds me of chocolate. That irresistible flavor of chocolate, I dont know why. =S

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