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Last update for (4)Theorical : 2008, 10, 29 23:03
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3289 (4)Theorical 128*128Testbug0.1betaground

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ir has a very StarCraft2 feel to it :o
wow thats a unique comment lol.

its kinda alot of money though isnt it? 'specially in a 1v1...
Gas issue
Lol imba mains. :D
starcraft 2 / warcraft 2 feeling :O
Mario Bros. feeling :P

Alot of money on this map. I don't think that the 12 and 6 minonlys will be used alot so it would be better to just remove them imo.

It wont hurt you to use inverted ramps, just to make things more balanced.
Also, the mains look kinda small. :P
hi testbug
hi carkyling
definitely not testbug...
This is surely some korean map.

There is even gas issue x_X
Johnny B.Goode
Imo,too much money.Both minonlies in N&S has to be removed.And the middle expansions are still to easy to defend.Amd because t can control from the main with tanks nat and minonly it is t>p,z
-okay, minonlies in N&S are now andromeda/Hwarangdo 3/9 gass expos.

-removed the four Power generator Hitchicker expos and added two Ebullition expos.

-reduced the ammount of minonlies

-hi testbug

-definitely not testbug...

Why u just don't use reversed ramps? -_-
coz it is not necessary
lol it's better now. But I like inverted ramps :(
Yes, it is.
i cant believe u dont use inverted ramps
look at the distance matters
imagine a zvz where some positions has easier to fe than another
this is ridicilous how u say it doesnt matter.

id remove 2 mineral patches from the islands
okay, made the dstances fair, and added some space for turrets or defenging units at nats.

what's wrong with a 8 fields island?? maps like python, arcadia, desperado, monty hall, etc has 8 fields.
zodiac has only 7.
troy has 6 but there are 4 islands and that map is diferent
Just use inverted ramps. -_-
modified by SiaBBo
this map was made in staredit!
So what? Why?
liar, rockystones at staredit dont look like this =P
rofl Testbug, if this map was completely made in staredit I'll eat my computer.
Then how come when i open in staredit it says "5 invalid units"

SE doesn't allow that...
hhahahahah fail
no, wasn't totally made in staredit, what i mean is that i used to make a lot of unnecessary copy/paste.

this map was 99% made in staredit, but then i used another software to place the minonlies near the cliff.

now try donwloading it again, it will open in staredit (the temple in the middle won't cause any problems)

i never said "completely" made in

try again, it will open in staredit with no problem =)
modified by Testbug
Still, maybe just use inverted ramps.
^^; yea i agree with siabbo stop showing off ur staredit skills rofl
There is no idea just make very beatuiful map and make it look very nice. I don't care how the map looks, I just care is that balanced.

So just use inverteds.
its _perfectly_ balanced now dear Siabbo.

if he doestn want to use inverted ramps he wont do it.

PS: your D+ nooby skillz doenst know shit about balance so stfu.
crackling it doesnt matter how good siabbo is, inverted ramps are used in all proleague maps (but neo requim lol) and is proven to be more balanced. also common sense says its more balanced too.

also skill wise maybe doesnt matter too much in mapmaking. im probably the best player on this entire site but im for sure not the best mapmaker or theorycrafter.

also crackling if siabbo gives a comment to the map u shouldnt offend siabbo as a player, u should argue his comment not the theorycrafter it self.

and also im not saying im best at beeing manner neither but still i thought that sombody should say this anyway lol^^

and speaking of me beeing not the bestmapmaker. my concepts are often more poor than others since i relise they are imbalanced before i creat them. i dont think i would call my self a bad mapmaker just cuse i creat soso uninspired maps.

now whats needed are mappers like nastymarine who can throw in a failry new and balanced concept. and a mapper like nightmarjoo to probably know how to organise the concept where the expansions should be etc to get no space wasted and no akwardness in the whole map it self. and a mapper like me to deside ammount of minerals fixing how blocking should be, exact main size turret spots. all small stuff that pretty new gamers wouldnt notise different at.

and this is why i want this competition concept to be team of 2 or 3 since then we can together probably creat an awesome map.

as nightmarjoo said before, he doesnt believe the balancing matter toooo much must be exact balanced. whats most important is the execution and concept and thats really what these 3 mappers can fill together.
and im c

And there is never gonna come map what is perfectly balanced.
modified by SiaBBo
im b
But you play too much. ;)
u play with ur self too much

modified by SiaBBo
Oh yeah I forgot about team bwmn. I was thinking about making an official mapping team of the site, just like how the koreans have famat, mm3, etc. I added a line about it to the triggers I used in the tourney maps, but then forgot to mention it here. But yeah Morrow it basically was you were talking about. Except also with a Testbug to make everything perfect, but then Testbug went to school and is less active :( If there was interest in making such a team I was gonna ask panschk to add part of the site for just the team related stuff, but I don't feel we're active enough for it to be useful :( Nasty and Losttampon log on too infrequently, and Testbug is busy with school.

And I play with your guys' moms too much!

modified by MorroW

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