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Last update for (4)Crypt : 2008, 10, 29 21:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3294 (4)Crypt 128*128MorroW0.9betaground

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 46 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

oh lol forgot extractors at 3 o clock, anyhow i just wanna hear comments before i fix the map playable ^^

extractor hp 750

there are ramps to minonlys, might be hard to see in picture

blocking terran wall etc such stuff i didnt fix yet

so its moslty the concept and its balancing i wanna hear about :)
I don't get the purpose of the extractors. when they die, they is a empty geyser and nobody will lose 100 minerals for a such gas. They are even undefendable

zerg can't take his real 3rd gas because of the wall
This is bad. I don't like extractors. Zerg's 3rd gas.. Tanks can shoot to main very easy. Middle is huge. Just delete those extractors and make middle smaller.
will the extractors creat a gas? lol i totally forgot, ok imagine them as just a simple neutral building
lol you didn't know that? think about troy
This post is not displayed due to its content
rooofl :D
nightmrarjoo say why its bad
Why my comment is hidden? :(
not enough gas
- fixed mineral formations
- fixed chokes walling (2supply1rax)
- fixed neutral buildings
- added dark swarms
- added doodads
- fixed base triggers map settings etc, so map is playable :)

ok seriously can anybody tell me if this map is balanced or not? and what i should do to fix that, please

something that should be good is to put spider mines under these swarms since only archons and reavers can kill them properly :)
i dont think its imbalanced with those 4 dark swarms since the middle is large and contain good moveablillity.

the execution is decent but the rotical mirror could be better, sorry for that.

i like this concept alot and many new maps got this main,nat,minonly,third gas thing but its much also about distances and terrain too. so dont say concept is stolen just cuse for example othello or voices got same expos.

modified by SiaBBo
Do you really think those swarms will really have some idea?

Still, byebye zerg's 3rd gas.

Maybe move minonly to swarms and make gas to old

-tanks can destroy natural. (red and purple)
- tanks can destroy purple's main gas on that cliff.
fixed tank stuff

siabbo zerg got mapcontrol with mutalisks enough so 4 lings destroys 1 neutral buildings easy.

yes ofcourse the swarms will matter ingame... why wouldnt they?
Well there are only 4 swarms. How they matter ingame?
you suck i beat u 1v1 anyday
Yeah, sure, you didn't even know those extractros.

And again: "why wouldnt they?" : Why would they?
beacuse if units stand under a dark swarm ranged units cant hit them. its a defiler spell for 100 mana often used vs terran late game
The swarms don't look like they'll matter much because they're on the edge of a cliff and not near the middle. Not really in proximity to any of the bases either.
Too many neutral buildings in the middle imo.

Is there anything under the dark swarm? Will the Dark Swarms matter?

Are the neutral buildings blocking the 3rd gas part of the concept? I've been kind of absent for awhile.
I totally agree with neobowman.
well nobody thought that when u saw sound barrier so why cant this be?
also a battle can happen more than exactly in the middle , the dark swarms will ofcourse matter. they werent made to change everything totally just alittle. if ur going to use dark swarms they should only affect alittle or else the whole map will go imbalanced
Please try understand. Nobody gonna use them.
everbody will eventually, if u play many games. look at lost temple everybody used their small shit at every little peice of the map no matter how bad it is.
even if nobody used them, then so what?

im asking if the map is balanced cant you answer?
What do YOU think?

PvZ: I think zerg gonna win this.
TvZ This is kinda balanced.
PvT Protoss win.
modified by SiaBBo

you have min only islands lol
no there isn't min only islands LOL
looks like my ramps are fading well ;)
Those are ramps? what the fuck lol.

I still don't like the min onlys. Too tight/turtley imo.

Map reminds me a lot of texcoco.
u forgot to tell me what u think of balancing tt
Ok in typing about (4)plating I realized what I don't like about this map. The map forces the min only to be there, but that's a horrible spot for the min only. It's too close to the other expos for one, and two it offers no strategic value. You need to reshape/reposition things so that you can place the min only farther away. Consider Othello and Colosseum.
Only thing I can suggest, is that the highground crap seperating the main and 3rd gas, and the nat and the 3rd gas, is too much. It's wasted space. There has to be a better way to prevent tank damage. Look at how the pro maps do it is all I can suggest. The expos here are too close/crowded because you've forced everything onto the sides, you need to use the whole map space better. That doesn't mean throwing something out into the middle, that usually places the same expos too close to eachother, but maybe have them with their backs to the center, with a tighter path in front of where they face, forming a ring around the middle. On the other hand, Colosseum was able to place the expos right without disrupting the middle, so I dunno for sure.

Once you figure out how to get the min only to work the map should be fine balance-wise, it's really basic/standard layout-wise, and the experimental features (neutrals and spells) are not radical enough to effect balance imo. btw just removing the min only altogether would be even worse than not touching it.

Maybe play around with the neutrals a little more too. Maybe place them with rotational symmetry instead of same amounts of neutrals on both sides kind of thing.
i dont see any problems with this map actually. tbh i think it would be best if you made a remake of this map and not me since its u who see the problem.
There are 4bases all right next to eachother, and in such a way that once you take all four in your corner, you're then close to two other expos you can push to. Terran has no reason to actually push out here. He can probably take the min only off 2fact, mass facts and push out just a little bit before taking the gas expo, and then mass more facts and wait to max out and go. Just a big turtle map because of how close all the bases are in their corner.
just like othello? fast expanding like tau cross? maybe wanna talk about andromeda, come on nightmarjo storm drop from cliffs can be stopped by ebay turret and 2 tanks.
Those maps are COMPLETELY different are you kidding me?
And what're you talking about with storm drops? I didn't mention storm drops oO
Too much resources,and some sprites doesn't make sense,like the dark swarms.Besides,not a bad map
nightmarjoo u gotta think outside the box

too much resources what u mean? look at all the new maps got this much resources.

also what i mentioned before about the dark swarms. the only way that they even can be in a map is if they r in a place that wouldnt effect the map too much but would change small things. i cant put dark swarm in the natural on expansion or the main nor the middle, so maybe u should take a deeper thought this is how you should use an zerg spell on a map. dwebs effects all races pretty much the same so maybe you can see a difference here?
I think it would be ok to have a swarm in the center personally. It would be risky/bold/brave though. But it's things like that which help make new great maps.

Spoilr there are not too many resources. The mony is just imo too clumped.

Um the pathing is bad to the min only and gas expo imo. Distances too short and they're just right there. You might as well connect them to the main and close off the other side, and it almost wouldn't make a difference lol.
Too much unuseable highground shit wasting space makes it hard to help the expo layout though. As such I have no suggestions. The more experimental/interesting concepts of the map are good though, and you should try and recycle them in a new map with a different/better layout.

With average players the map will probably play perfectly fine, I'm thinking about progamers though.

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