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Last update for (4)Group_Theory_1.3 : 2008, 11, 02 02:46
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3312 (4)Group_Theory_1.3 128*128Seal0.2finalground

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 10 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

someone asked me for a 2v2 map. so i draw this.
terran owns this map ;(
Lastcurse don't be stupid.

I don't understand 2v2 balance at all, so I can't really say anything useful/meaningful, but it looks ok to me. The nat choke is a little big though, with the nat being kind of far from the main choke, I dunno.
yeah, maybe.
Terran is weak in 2v2 games on maps designed for 1v1, so i made the high land behind nats.
but Terran maybe too strong on this version. i may modify it after some tests.
Terran is not any weaker than others. In this map terran can just make depot to door and make fast exp. Then make tanks or just mass or what you wanna do in 2v2 and then take another exp.

Zerg is bad here. It have to destroy building before hatch. Ofc zerg can make hatch just to gas but that's not so clever.

Protoss make always zealot rush in 2vs2. So it can just go backdoor and take exp ez. Then it can just mass up and take another exp.

This is just too much macromap. You should think about how much u want put resources there.

Ofc you can drop on backdoor but still if we think game is pvt vs. tvz. Terran with zerg drop on backdoor where is protoss exp. His ally can defend it so it's not have much purpose. So still I think it's easy defend.

Looks like you can actually destroy naturals with tanks on those cliffs. That will be shit if there is only one terran in the game. Terran can control too much map on those.

Middle expos are pretty cramped. They are way too hard to control.

Zerg is the worst in this map.

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