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Last update for (2)Island of Sorrow_1.4 : 2008, 12, 07 18:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3330 (2)Island of Sorrow_1.4 128*128SynDroMe0.1betaground

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Too open natural.

Where's this "island?" ;)
The Map is an island =P Anyone esle agrees natural is too open?
i would have to agree with siaBBo that the natural is to open

modified by Manbearpig
How about now ?
I really wanna make this mapo better, can I get help please?
ok, heres some hints:
first of all, your mains are tankable..
it seems like thats what you wanted, but seriously, that just takes out balance already :o
otherwise, to make the nat less open, imagine your a zerg player, and try to make sunkens to defend both your main and your nat from your nat

how many would you need?
a real huge bunch..
try making a tighter path closer to your nat, and that the bridge's way would lead into that path..
that way, you could solve that i think..

otherwise, i kinda like your expo layout :P
its prolly not unique, but it sure is interesting with the lil ramp between =p

one more thing, deco.
work on deco a lil more man, it just feels like you decoed your map simply because you had to, not really to make it natural or anything
Map's fundamental problem is that you tried to make a (2)128x128 map, which probably causes most of the problems I'm going to describe.

Main is too large, nat is too large, and the two nats are too close, because your main is so large. You need a smaller main (and one positioned better), and a smaller nat, and reposition things so that the nat2nat distance is longer like in normal maps. You might consider trying to make pathing less linear also by adding a tight choke, like in Baekdu or Loki2 etc.

Mineral formations could definitely be better all-around.

Expo layout too spread out, too much space given to the area behind the backdoor ramp, and pathing in general is way too linear imo.

Conceptually I don't understand the map. The backdoor doesn't really matter, nor is it terribly significant. And the rest of the map is basically standard. I think you should figure out what your concept is, so you know how to edit the map (redoing it in 96x128 is probably the first step of editing it though), and where your map is going etc.
ok Thank you guys Il whip some new version out
Is it a bit better now? It still needs decoration but I will do that once the map is done shaping :P
modified by SynDrome

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