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Last update for (4)Desicate : 2008, 11, 21 03:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3347 (4)Desicate 128*128Woedin0.1betaground

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W.I.P. "Work in Progress" - not decorated, sorry

Bah, having a hard time with this map, thought I'd try a simple layout, but hit the wall when trying to balance resources without creating gas problems. I have uneven resource exposure, notably Blue main and Teal natural.

Advice wanted! I broke symetry for balance a little(similar areas in mains and nats), but I think I may have to make each base unique.
modified by Woedin
Reminds me of the original version of (4)Beast a little bit. Map is basic but kind of neat at the same time. I'll look into it more in-depthly later, but off hand the biggest problem I can see is the mains being too small, and not all equal.
This is your second map? It's pretty nice for your 2nd map if it is so.
cool, thanks for your time,
yeah its my second, but I used to make maps/sprites for some old sprite based games, hence I stupidly keep thinking in terms of x/y when isometric works/looks best takled from diagonals. I found the Articles here to be a great help too!
The Mains were equal but now the bottom and top fit about 3 more buildings than the other two (I was trying to widen them), they just appear much more uneven, I'll resize them to identicle building space again later, everything was 100% even once, looked silly.

I tried expanding the mains into the naturals, but it made the naturals too vulnerable I felt though it did make resource placement easier when I shrunk the naturals into the corners.

I'm so annoyed with the unbuildable terrain, it makes high/low confused looking, I'll have to find another way in key areas I guess, I think I see why so many build on Jungle now.
modified by Woedin
rotical imbalance, i wont go deeper
Don't use those ramps what you are using on mains.
left/right oriented naturals were too small and messed up those 2 mains, I was trying for similar areas in many places.

sorry for the noob mistakes, I'll rebuild and approach the nats from diagonals, using rounder shapes to try to avoid this problem, heh learning alot as I go. As I said earlier, I need to break my x/y orienting habit, heh. hopefuly the layout will hold up.

Umm, what ramps should I use? I didnt check these properly, Doh I see, the North oriented ones fit 1 more zealot unless you place perfectly and you can build closer?
modified by Woedin
i think you should skip the natural cliffs and have tankspots somewhere else instead. that would mean you could move each natural a bit further out, thus getting bigger mains.
Is this better?
remade map from scratch.
Ramps on center highground are bad, I cant make ramps, I'll have to get back to them later.
I actualy want to make "off angle" ramps to match the cliff angles next to the current placeholder ramps. Even better would be both, though fixing these ramps might be hard, I just made playable ramps - is there better x/y ramps or can anyone fix them?
The cliffs there atm are too "un-natural" looking. Other cliffs might need some more feathering too, but I've been looking at this map for too long now, hehe.
much more symetrical, which makes things look uneven that arn't.

Havent looked at base sizes yet, just made them symetrical.
modified by Woedin
Why you turned blue's and purple's mains? They are now reeeally baaaad. Natural could be better too.
is this a beast copy ?
lol at this map
hmm, this layout is similar to Beast and about 50 other maps, I'm sure if I used twilight you'd all think its an Othello copy, but thats what happens when I try something simple, many people have already done it better. It was unintentional though, just evolved this way when I re-mapped it more symmetricaly.
Beast has the ramps I was looking for, using them would be too much like beast I think.
Wasnt happy with the middle anyway, guess I'll try to make something different in the middle, Flanking paths are too long I feel.

Glad I can Amuse you! its been a long time since most of you learned to map hasnt it? Well I'm under no illusion that my second map would be 100% original masterpiece, LMAO. Just know that any similarities to other maps was unintentional and probably unavoidable while I'm learning.
I removed center highground.
added min only - was too turtle friendly and main needed a buffer.

I think I need to move the min only towards the start locations more and open the center a little bit, it would also give me room to have more even min only, but would cut into main size.
I'm nearing the point of starting a new map all together, Ive screwed this map by trying not to look like others. lost my 3way fork out of natural, I need to rethink the center again, this is far from my original idea now and its suffering.
modified by Woedin
Capn Awesom
Waay too tight, I dont think the idea for those center expos can work well...
Thanks Capn, I felt as much, I'll try tommorow a different setup, I'll feather the cliff on the mains on the long central edge, put a min only in front of that and try to think of something small for the middle, unless anyone has a better suggestion. I may also try a detatched thin cliff in a cresent shape to contain the min only and try to get my flanking paths back, I'll see which works best. its not going to be original, but I realy want to make it at the very least playable.
I have learnt a hell of a lot making this map so I'm happy even if the map isnt that great when I finish.

Blue and Purple start locations feel "uncomfortable" in game, I'll avoid that sort of location in the future too, they also are a fair bit further away from the ramp, I guess thats why corner located mains are a bit easier to play with.

Also another question, Ive had to place gas on the left in a few locations, unfortunately they match up mains/1st expo both left or top, is it better in the future to try for setups that have opposite gas locations. eg. mains top+expo left and mains left+expo top?
modified by Woedin
O M G. What did i say about those ramps? -_-
oh, I thought you ment not to use them in my mains. If you told me why I shouldnt use them, I may have undestood.
Ramps are fine?

Map is becoming more and more basic/boring ._.
know its better :D (not a beast copy) xd
You spelled the name wrong.
Tartarus is the proper spelling. Interesting map.
np, someone beat me to the name, renaming.

oh, some people say I dont spell my name corectly either, lol

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