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Last update for (2)Topaz In The Sand : 2009, 01, 25 22:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3473 (2)Topaz In The Sand 128*128Trooper aka Plague0.3finalground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 14 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Well this is my first badlands map ive map, uhh please comment.
Seems interesting and pretty good BUT:
You should add minblock to islands.
Natural is pretty imba. Terran just fast rush zerg's natural so zerg can't go mutas. And that's bad cuz looks like this map is very good with mutas.
It looks too big.
the keynote has something, lets be fair. some parts on the other hand i don't like - main-nat setup, the plateau behind the nat is a bit too large. you should try to upgrade it
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I feel so honored thats the first time anyone has said something nice about my maps. Got it fixing it.
Ok seince i last edited it i added space behind nat min line, made nat untankable, make choke smaller, moved start location closer to the water so that toss and terran units can get out faster and base ain't just there, made island expos larger, put min block on island, and in the middle where it was 1 big crag in high ground i put land bridge in so toss dont have to go all the way around cause of it when they get blasted by tanks. please tell me what you think, comment ^_^.
Minonly is too hard to get. None gonna take it, or will take it but there should be a gas.

At 3 and 9 expos are too close together. This will make expanding way too easy.

This may sound stupid but i think islands are too easy to defend.

I would say zerg map. Zerg gets easy expos and like protoss can't go 3rd gas easy. And if it's gonna go long game those expos are too large to defend. -> Zerg can come everywhere.

So I would say:

P>T So much where to flank. Pretty big middle. First 10-15 minutes terran is gonna have big trouble. But if it's gonna be long long game then terran maybe can secure lots of gas expos. And this is good cuz carriers aren't really good in this map. Ofc u can make them but you can't harras with carriers if you know what i mean.

Z>P See above.

Z>T This is hard to say. But I think cuz long distances to main to main is gonna help zerg. 3rd gas isn't so safe but wouldn't be a problem to zerg. Zerg can flank lot and take lots of gas.

modified by SiaBBo
Last bit of editing made the top expo next to nat with gas. replaced it with the closest expo that was gas, made high ground tighter for T purposes with that makes a bit harder to get expo too.

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