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Last update for (3)Valkyrie1.4 : 2023, 03, 16 00:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3495 (3)Valkyrie1.4 otherStarparty0.3betaground

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

128x112, still not completelly decorated. Fixing any bugs you can find.

map no.3 of 4 in the götterdämmerung set. (Though Empyrean had nothing to do with this one...)

i wanted the small paths to the gas expoes to be some kind of fast counter route.

modified by Starparty
modified by Starparty

i wish I can make a map like yours
I like it, it's pretty neat. Seems more of a concept map than a serious map though; could use a lot of execution tweaks but I don't think your aim is to make the next iccup map.
edited main sizes, also expansions are corrected by the grid and the anoying bug where enemy units could go behind 1nat minerals at 12 is gone.

center ramps - Make wide ramps on both sides of the hills or will it be too open?

modified by Starparty
Ok... wtf with doodads?

It's way too tight.

I can't even think how zerg would get 3rd gas? Destroy temple and zerg is playing with 2 gasses.

And actually just now i notice it is 3 player map. :o
i havent seen a long enough game to see the 3rd gas issue yet. There are 5 gas expansions the players share. The difficulty attacking the side expoes with big armies makes the center sieging basically necesary. Imo it brings the battle to the center instead.
generally im thinking about lowering the mineral count in mains. This map is obviously not very macro oriented anyway.
Cool :) I think you need to fix the drop points for the expos (with the destructible temples..) At 6 it looks like many units could hit harassing units that were dropped there, but at the other two it doesn't. Think about balancing it with ranged goons and not just seiged tanks. Either all positions should be able to hit lurkers with ranged goons, or none should, if you understand what I'm saying.

Message me on MSN if you want to play a game on it though.
Wow you added Starparty to msn? I'm jealous :O
im probably gonna consider changing the gas expoes to some kind of high ground instead. Ive had some unhappy zerg players so far :)
made the gas expos goon cliffable and fixed the ramp on 9 so it can be properly walled. Also made just 1 bunker behind 1nat mins possible on all pos. 5 pos could initially make 2.

please keep playtesting. i have yet to see a game where the gas expoes are used properlly or if they are too hard to keep, a.k.a i should change them.
oh changed to 8 mins in main too.
still not decorated x)
I liked this version a lot. I wouldn't worry too much about the gas expos... I think what's going to happen is that it's going to be like Rush Hour (except not as bad, since this map has easy mineral onlys)... In that... One player will take a main and expo, and the other player will have to take the two gas expos in the late game. Obviously though, the main is a big advantage and much better than the gas expos...

Making those expansions more valuable might help. A list of random ideas I'm not sure about to accomplish that:

Neutrals on the SIDE paths, so that it's defended from harass, but you can destroy the one closer to your main to go up it.

Since it's already closer to your main than the next main, this is already a pretty good advantage (though I don't think it's enough). It's good enough to make a Terran want it if it's on the way.

2 gas like longinus, or just more mineral patches, or just mineral patches that have more minerals in each of them (If you don't want to have a giant mess of a huge formation, you could just stack one on top of another so that you have stacks of two minerals like in Hannibal (I think? The star shaped 2v2 map).

The chokes are very small which is in general pretty good for a defending Protoss against zerg.

The biggest issue, really, is that a main has itself and it's natural, while that expo just has itself (unlike Rushhour, although the natural being a mineral only on that map still makes it hurt).

If you wanted to get stupid, you could put D-web's below the ramp, but I think that's be tacking something cheesy onto a good map that doesn't need it.

After that... One thing that could help this map is to add a little space behind the naturals to build turrets... It doesn't matter so much without chaos launcher, but on lan latancy muta micro is scary enough when you have the space, when you don't, it's pretty much the old Blue Storm.
Is there a little issue with distance to min onlies from nats?

Look at bottom right to left and top. compare them, bottom right seems way closer.
Johnny B.Goode
I like a lot of your maps but this idk,not realy.Specially,the middle
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--StephAhKnee vs NightMarJoo(1on1, 1.15)
--StephAhKnee vs NightMarJoo(1on1, 1.15)
--StephAhKnee vs NightMarJoo(1on1, 1.15)

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