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Last update for (2)Sproge : 2009, 01, 31 21:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3505 (2)Sproge 96*128jamssi0.1betaground

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

nice work :) i like the map.. may be even play it one day ^^
wow. I don't really have anything to say. Maybe too small middle? Test it?
modified by SiaBBo
Might want to make the two middle bridges into three to avoid even paths. I was going to say third expo was too easy but then I saw the cliff behind it XD. High ground deco looks a bit neglected. Nice low ground deco though.
Something wrong with using all the space in a map?
Nightmarjoo I don't get ur idea. o_O
top right and bottom left unused, i think he is talking about that
What wrong with there, shall I put there island or new exp -are you then happy Nightmarjoo?
? no

The map is incredibly tight and pretty linear, the nat is too open, too vulnerable to muta.

Your mains are too big, and your weird main/nat concept eats up a lot of space and makes pathing shorter and more linear than it already would be.

You have water blocks and cliff stuff all over the map, eating up space. Of course, if you removed them the map would not be better at this point, but you should've planned the concept better so you wouldn't require them.

I do like the 3rd gas concept, the tight min blocked backdoor path leading to a cliffable gas expo, it's really nice imo, but it doesn't fit the map well I think. I think this concept should be complemented by a gas expo in the front, at a normal distance from the nat, but be fairly vulnerable also, but easier to reinforce.

I don't know if you can improve the map much by editing it, remaking it is probably better, but I'll give some suggestions anyway:
I think the backdoor gas expo should be in the corner of the map, the nat should be where the pile of rubble in the nat is (the ovy spot?), and the 4th gas I described above should be about where the nat is currently. You want to make the map not funnel into the center so much, hurts pathing and gameplay by making it too tight and linear. Also, if you can find the space, you should make the middle follow odd path pathing, instead of having even paths. That would further combat linearity and pathing issues if you can pull it off. When you move the nat, make it normal sized, and the main can be a little bigger than normal, but imo should be shrunk a bit from its current size. The sides are mostly fine as they are now, so I'd just morph them to fit the new map. Conceptually they work imo; however I'd fill in one of those temple blocks to create another cliff for harass. Also, I'd bring the sl away from the corner a bit, and probably make its mineral formation vertical instead, for a number of reasons. And, the nat formation might possibly need altered, and I would remove a mineral block from it. 9/7 is standard, I don't see any reason to make it 9/8, I think that hurts the map since it's so tight/linear/potentially turtley. Same exact thing about the 3rd gas expo.

"What wrong with there, shall I put there island or new exp -are you then happy Nightmarjoo?"
Bad thinking. Your map imo has enough resources. The problem is not just that "there is unused space", the problem lies in the consequences of not using that space. Just filling it in with an unnecessary expo would actually make the real problem worse. Adding resources makes a tight/linear map more turtley/tighter. The problem is that, since you poorly constructed your map and left large globs of unused space, the rest of the map is tight and linear because space which should be going for this or that is used up by stuff which should be using the space you wasted.

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