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Last update for (4)DeathCircleV2 : 2009, 02, 13 23:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3522 (4)DeathCircleV2 128*128LoNG1.1finalground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 54 points

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lots of gas

looks like fun though
yeah tru on the other side, the 2 gass in the mid are rarely used
So much work in the middle, and then none at all on the mains and the mineral formations... Kind of lol.

Cool 2v2 map :)
Horizontal distances are lol, but I still love it as a 2v2 map.

If you move bottom right's ramp to above and move top left's ramp to below I think the distancing would be more balanced.
Yeah u got something there, gonna fix it

Randomise minerals!

What the fuck is with the mains? Mineral lines are imba, they don't match, some main mine minerals faster than others. Edit them like they are same way! Red/Purple = purple have lots of space behind minerals. Teal/blue = there should be room behind minerals so you can make turrets or move with workers there + minerals doesn't match. Say if you didn't understand.

I would just delete middle expansion. It is just in way and make imbalances and none gonna exp there.


Let's think about zerg here. It goes fast expand. Natural's gas is too vulnerable if we look red's natural. Marines can shoot it too easy --> zerg can't take 2nd gas easily --> gg.

Third gas is little tricky in this map. It depends lots of ur enemy's spawn where you can exp. That's a good thing.

Main to main distance is way too short. It will be pain in ass to defense 2gate zealot or bunker rush. I would say this will rape zerg any day.

But, 6pool will own here. Mutas aren't good thing here I think. Cuz small distances terran can go counterattack and just destroy zerg's base. As we can see, there's not much cliffs in middle.

Let's think about terran now. Ok, terran can go easy wall vs zerg what means fe. This will not work vs protoss if it goon rushes. Again zealot rush would make even terran to hard. When terran gets his natural it can easily go 3rd gas. Map should have minonly cuz this. Terran can exp at 6 or 12 or just take this 3rd gas. Natural's area is kinda tight with those little bridges so protoss will have hard time to do something to terran's expansions. You can even protect 3rd gas exp in ur main's edges, not well, but still.

Blue(T) vs purple(P) is heaven to terran. Easy pushing, protoss can't flank, terran can get easy expansions.

Whole map looks too small, that means protoss can't get carriers easy and it's impossible cuz terran can push so easy. Protoss can't defend that.

Middle is tight cuz expansion with two gasses + all doodads. This will be good thing to terran.

Let's think about protoss. Well, you can't fast exp vs terran cuz small distances. It will be risky vs zerg too if zerg go fast lings. This means protoss go vs terran fast goons and vs zerg 2gate zealot. This means protoss doesn't have lot of stradegys here. If it go some tech fast push will own it.

As I said, vs terran it's gg. Protoss can't do anything to slow push, but vs zerg it will go easy. 3rd gas to zerg could be hard so little zealot army will own it. Psionic strom will be good here cuz pretty tight map. Zerg can't go lots of expansions cuz I think it just can't protect everyone.

modified by SiaBBo

---{Br}-LoNgArMz- vs Einnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn(1on1, 1.16)
---{Br}-LoNgArMz- vs einnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn(1on1, 1.16)

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